surely i oughta…

Honestly, I ought to go back to bed. Come to think of it, I probably ought to go upstairs and study some more. But while I might be a night owl in normal life, I can’t make myself a night owl for my college studies. Especially when I’m not one of the teeny-bopper students that I trip over all the time. 🙂 12168714_10153620567529976_1870777962_oThough I find more and more that being a “returning student” is not a completely unheard of thing, nowadays. We are not alone. Sort of.

I wasn’t asleep, but just getting comfy and then decided that I needed to check some things on my computer. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, hasn’t it? But while snippets of story ideas and photo opportunities come my way, at the end of the day, I don’t have any brain space left for blogging. Unlike my time in Australia, when all I had was a constant story to tell, right? Or when I was jobless before school started? Perhaps I still have that 12124494_10153625474544976_1265596368_ostory to tell… but I’m too tired to tell it, mostly. Or when I do feel like telling it, it’s usually because I’m avoiding something. You know, like going to bed or doing homework. Fall has begun, here in the South, and I’m looking forward to taking some pictures of the changing leaves… with my phone, at least, though I tell myself I really should get over to the Botanical Gardens on one of these glorious cool days. I might even do it, between books that I’m reading for my history classes. I’m taking three of them, by the way. Modern South America, Britain from 1688 til now, and Museum History. The latter was to see what’s what in the field of Public History, but I don’t really think I’m going into that field. But I have learned one thing… no matter whether you agree with a museum curator’s method of arranging 12171063_10153621803034976_751679144_otheir exhibit or not, give them due credit. They work their backsides off for next to nothing, and often, their only reward is criticism. So, be nice to the museum people, they work hard.

What else has been happening? Weddings and receptions and drooling over DIY projects on Instagram. So, of course, after every wedding, I have tons of pics of my cousins’ kids and my friends’ kids. I have to take pictures of SOMEBODY’s kids, you know, if I can’t have my own yet! If you remember my darlings from Australia, then I can’t survive for long without playing with the kiddos. Come to think of it, I really don’t have much time for that, either. No wonder I’m always tired… haven’t gotten my baby fix. I was going to try, the other week, but then SC had serious flooding along the coast and in Columbia (the capital, at the center of the state). Interstates got shut down, roads got broken up by flooding.12022006_10153581173309976_1545617657_n

If you’re into certain shows on TV, I manage to watch Dancing With the Stars and Once Upon a Time, every week… but at the moment, I’m at least a season behind on Castle. It’s very sad, but two shows is the limit for TV goof-off time. Movies? I haven’t been to the theater in eons, but we did finally watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron during my fall break. That was quite fun, and it taught me my new favorite quote.

“The elevator isn’t worthy.”

Speaking of movies, yes, I am paying close attention to all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Star Wars movie. However, I am a serious Star Wars BOOK geek, more so than the movies. I love the movies, especially the originals, but I’ve been reading the books for 20 years of my life. So, now, they have declared most of that 20 years of book to be NON-CANON. Don’t even talk to me about it. My 12033463_10153581340084976_447329520_nbrother and I have been cringing for a long time over it. So, yes, I’m thrilled by the newest trailer, but as much as I love J.J. Abrams, ask the Star Trek fans about their last movies. I am seriously looking forward to THIS movie, and yet I’m positive they’re going to ruin it. Because the books are brilliant… at least many of them are. So, they’re not allowed to change the story, sorry. Ok, I need to stop… this subject gets me steamed.

Books…. yes, I’m always reading books. Haven’t updated my list in a while. Sorry. I’ve been bingeing on Georgette Heyer again, though I also read through some of Juliet Marillier’s books, recently. The Shadowfell series, and then rereading Wildwood D12162874_10153606713649976_1342687055_oancing and Cybele’s Secret. I was even in a Barnes & Noble, recently, and that made my week. What did I buy? Oh, right, the new Rick Riordan book. Which I enjoyed, but I’m not awake enough to go into detail. Also, a kids’ book called The Doldrums, which I’m still reading slowly, interspersed with Heyer. Because you know, Georgette Heyer remains brilliant, and I go back to them like comfort food. If I could write like she did, I’d die happy… and rich, too, probably.

I’m running out of steam. I do actually have to get up in the morning, even though my class isn’t until afternoon, because as I said, I have a math test AND I need to make an attempt at reading some pages (in German) more in depth. We’re starting to study sports in Germany, in GER 305.

11939122_10153526703864976_2017429301_oAnd blast, do you know, I just remembered I should have looked at the school website and decide on which classes to register for, for next semester? I have a meeting with my advisor this week, and really need to have my list ready to show him.

So, to close this rambling post of mine, I’m going to include some of the latest pics I’ve taken, some selfies, some kiddos, one abandoned mill that my museum professor took us to see, and proof that I’m still an honorary Aussie… I have to have my Vegemite! Especially when it’s on my mom’s homemade toast. If we have them in the house, I add avocado slices, too. Heavenly!

I hope to be rambling at you again soon. Have a great week! 🙂

days go by…

Fall Break is over, and school is back in session. There are days when I feel like I should have lots of things to write about, but by the time I get home, I’ve either forgotten, I’m too tired, or too busy. And there’s a little guilt over what schoolwork I may be neglecting. Thus far, I’ve stayed on top of my work, even to the point of getting certain papers done a day or so early, but will that last? I’ll just have to wait and see.

Every way I turn, I seem to see assigned papers piling up and books I have to finish reading. Of course, there are all the tests and quizzes to study for, as well. I’m so glad I don’t have any papers to write for my German class, but I certainly have to keep studying to stay on top of my A average. Speaking of which, I have a test tomorrow, so I  won’t be on here for very long.

My military research paper has caused me to bring home over twenty books from the library, while there are several non-circulating books that I can only take notes on while at the library. Meanwhile, I have two books for my Western Civ class that parallel the class material, and I have to write 6-8 page papers on them. Just book reports, basically, but the first one is due in 2 weeks.

I just got completely sidetracked from what I was saying, because my older brother’s in town for the Clemson versus Florida State game, and he wanted to know how school was going. So, now I need to cut this short and get back to either studying German or reading King Leopold’s Ghost. I can handle reading 300 pages in the next week, but I have to pay enough attention, and take enough notes to be able to write that paper. Ugh. While still studying for my history exam and chemistry quiz, for next week.

I do hope that I’m not boring you by sharing this little bit, but neither do I want to completely forget the existence of my blog, either. You might even have hoped for exciting doings during Fall Break, but I spent last Saturday driving to Pennsylvania and back, and then the rest of my days off either recovering or studying and writing papers.  : )  Not much of a break, I suppose. But then again, I did get everything out of my storage unit, finally, and I’m getting closer to going through my boxes and furniture, donating stuff whenever possible.

Bear with me, and maybe I’ll have something more fun, or at least some photos to share, one of these days!  : )

it has begun to register…

If you must know, I was really nervous… about registering for classes. That’s all, you say? Nothing else? Of course, I’m nervous about starting school and being in school and studying for school… shall I continue? Please, let’s stick with the nervousness we know.

After jumping through hoops, all summer, and having to go FIND the right hoops, mostly, I found out something. If the university had told me I had an e-mail address, most of the running around would have stopped. They sent me my user ID name (not my ID number, mind you), and that was it. Seems to me, pointing out that I need to go find my e-mail address on the website would have been helpful.

I finally figured it out, when I needed one last thing to deal with some financial aid. Where was the requisite paper I needed? Why do they act like I have it already? When I finally opened my school e-mail account, I found e-mails from back in April, of all the things I’d been dealing with for the last few months. Understandably, I was peeved. But now, at least I had a final e-mail explaining that not only was my first day to register on July 20 (I knew that), but I couldn’t do it until 2pm.

Why July 20? I was told a few weeks ago that it’s a crazy new rule that they only invented this year, for returning students. So much for the registrar telling me that they’re “trying to make it easier” for returning students. If I didn’t live hear, I might have given up a long time ago.

And so, the day arrived. I had peeked at the website, and was uncertain whether no classes were available, or if they just appeared closed until that magical hour. It hurt my head to think about not finding any available classes, so I pushed it from my mind (mostly), until Saturday. After a leisurely, quiet morning (the family went blueberrying), I finished waking up, and read a book. Kept an eye on the clock, but 2pm was still a ways away.

When it finally arrived, I was delighted to find that some classes were open. The ones I wanted? It didn’t seem like it, at first. I scratched German from my list… and then discovered, ten minutes later, that it had opened back up. When I finally figured out how to register for two classes, simultaneously, then I got my language class and lab.

That was after all the “fun” of attempting to sign up for a Chemistry and English class. Both came up with issues that wouldn’t allow me to register. The system doesn’t know what to do with me, when it comes to English, because I exempted some English classes, because of my AP classes in high school. But I can’t sign up for a 200 level class, because I didn’t take ENGL 103. But 103 is the one that my paperwork says I exempted (along with 101/102). So, is that a catch 22? I’m not sure. It’s a tangle, and I get to go visit the English dept, on Monday.

The Chem class (which my friend is sorting out for me) is either because I’m still listed as a PRTM major, from before, or because it doesn’t like non-Chemistry majors. I’m tempted to think the latter.

For now, I’m signed up for a military history class, because the history classes I would’ve liked to take weren’t available at all. Sorry, I don’t want to take Environmental History or History of the U.S. Public Education system. That’s going to pot, and I don’t want to read about the idiots that have been making it so. I will drop the military history class, if I can get into my ENGL or CHEM classes. No offense to military history, but I want to get my basics out of the way.

So, now I’m feeling a little better about this whole class thing, after having one headache-y hour. Not really something I should’ve been nervous about, right? But you see, it’s been 15 years since I did this, and I don’t have very good memories from the first time. I try to keep those bad memories from getting to me, though.

For now, I get to think about how my schedule will have me running back and forth between Hardin Hall and Daniel Hall. Not a bad walk, but no time for delays. I have yet to pick up a Tues/Thurs class, but I may yet iron that one out. Especially if I get an evening Chemistry lab.

You may be wondering whether I’m going to take any elective courses. I have looked at the options, but the ones I would have liked are already full. Like Frisbee Sports or Riflery. Of course, if I want to take any form of dancing or yoga, they’re all available. Maybe I’ll try Ballroom Dancing (no, Jon, Contra isn’t offered this semester), but I have absolutely no interest in Introduction to Belly Dancing. I’ll consider the electives some more, after I get the main stuff that I want.

Thrilling, isn’t it? I hope I won’t scare anyone away with my talk about school, but it will definitely be on my mind, for the next few years. Can’t be helped. I’ll try and mention some other things, occasionally. Hang in there. I’m trying to, so I’m sure you can, also.