surely i oughta…

Honestly, I ought to go back to bed. Come to think of it, I probably ought to go upstairs and study some more. But while I might be a night owl in normal life, I can’t make myself a night owl for my college studies. Especially when I’m not one of the teeny-bopper students that I trip over all the time. 🙂 12168714_10153620567529976_1870777962_oThough I find more and more that being a “returning student” is not a completely unheard of thing, nowadays. We are not alone. Sort of.

I wasn’t asleep, but just getting comfy and then decided that I needed to check some things on my computer. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, hasn’t it? But while snippets of story ideas and photo opportunities come my way, at the end of the day, I don’t have any brain space left for blogging. Unlike my time in Australia, when all I had was a constant story to tell, right? Or when I was jobless before school started? Perhaps I still have that 12124494_10153625474544976_1265596368_ostory to tell… but I’m too tired to tell it, mostly. Or when I do feel like telling it, it’s usually because I’m avoiding something. You know, like going to bed or doing homework. Fall has begun, here in the South, and I’m looking forward to taking some pictures of the changing leaves… with my phone, at least, though I tell myself I really should get over to the Botanical Gardens on one of these glorious cool days. I might even do it, between books that I’m reading for my history classes. I’m taking three of them, by the way. Modern South America, Britain from 1688 til now, and Museum History. The latter was to see what’s what in the field of Public History, but I don’t really think I’m going into that field. But I have learned one thing… no matter whether you agree with a museum curator’s method of arranging 12171063_10153621803034976_751679144_otheir exhibit or not, give them due credit. They work their backsides off for next to nothing, and often, their only reward is criticism. So, be nice to the museum people, they work hard.

What else has been happening? Weddings and receptions and drooling over DIY projects on Instagram. So, of course, after every wedding, I have tons of pics of my cousins’ kids and my friends’ kids. I have to take pictures of SOMEBODY’s kids, you know, if I can’t have my own yet! If you remember my darlings from Australia, then I can’t survive for long without playing with the kiddos. Come to think of it, I really don’t have much time for that, either. No wonder I’m always tired… haven’t gotten my baby fix. I was going to try, the other week, but then SC had serious flooding along the coast and in Columbia (the capital, at the center of the state). Interstates got shut down, roads got broken up by flooding.12022006_10153581173309976_1545617657_n

If you’re into certain shows on TV, I manage to watch Dancing With the Stars and Once Upon a Time, every week… but at the moment, I’m at least a season behind on Castle. It’s very sad, but two shows is the limit for TV goof-off time. Movies? I haven’t been to the theater in eons, but we did finally watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron during my fall break. That was quite fun, and it taught me my new favorite quote.

“The elevator isn’t worthy.”

Speaking of movies, yes, I am paying close attention to all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Star Wars movie. However, I am a serious Star Wars BOOK geek, more so than the movies. I love the movies, especially the originals, but I’ve been reading the books for 20 years of my life. So, now, they have declared most of that 20 years of book to be NON-CANON. Don’t even talk to me about it. My 12033463_10153581340084976_447329520_nbrother and I have been cringing for a long time over it. So, yes, I’m thrilled by the newest trailer, but as much as I love J.J. Abrams, ask the Star Trek fans about their last movies. I am seriously looking forward to THIS movie, and yet I’m positive they’re going to ruin it. Because the books are brilliant… at least many of them are. So, they’re not allowed to change the story, sorry. Ok, I need to stop… this subject gets me steamed.

Books…. yes, I’m always reading books. Haven’t updated my list in a while. Sorry. I’ve been bingeing on Georgette Heyer again, though I also read through some of Juliet Marillier’s books, recently. The Shadowfell series, and then rereading Wildwood D12162874_10153606713649976_1342687055_oancing and Cybele’s Secret. I was even in a Barnes & Noble, recently, and that made my week. What did I buy? Oh, right, the new Rick Riordan book. Which I enjoyed, but I’m not awake enough to go into detail. Also, a kids’ book called The Doldrums, which I’m still reading slowly, interspersed with Heyer. Because you know, Georgette Heyer remains brilliant, and I go back to them like comfort food. If I could write like she did, I’d die happy… and rich, too, probably.

I’m running out of steam. I do actually have to get up in the morning, even though my class isn’t until afternoon, because as I said, I have a math test AND I need to make an attempt at reading some pages (in German) more in depth. We’re starting to study sports in Germany, in GER 305.

11939122_10153526703864976_2017429301_oAnd blast, do you know, I just remembered I should have looked at the school website and decide on which classes to register for, for next semester? I have a meeting with my advisor this week, and really need to have my list ready to show him.

So, to close this rambling post of mine, I’m going to include some of the latest pics I’ve taken, some selfies, some kiddos, one abandoned mill that my museum professor took us to see, and proof that I’m still an honorary Aussie… I have to have my Vegemite! Especially when it’s on my mom’s homemade toast. If we have them in the house, I add avocado slices, too. Heavenly!

I hope to be rambling at you again soon. Have a great week! 🙂

all done…

I’m reminded of all the little kids who finish their meal, and inform their parents that they are finished eating. They’re full, they’re ready to be done with food for the present, and they’re ready to go do something else. I can relate.

Classes are finished for the summer, and I’m ready for the break of thinking too much. If I can find a part-time job that doesn’t require too much mental gymnastics, I’ll be thrilled. Something different that brought in a little cash would be handy. But aside from future job-hunting, first up is just to relax and catch up on a bit of sleep. And then make myself useful around our house, put in a bit of “spring-cleaning”. With pollen season almost over and being a former housekeeper, that won’t be too difficult.

I think I’m rambling because I’m still tired, but hopefully the fog in my brain will clear over time, and I’ll be able to get in some decent blogging again. While I’ve shared about school stuff, there have been times when I wished I could share the interesting things of life again, without having to go right back to a paper that needed editing. Or to be let loose in the Botanical Gardens, and come up with photos to share.

However, again, I have been making use of my camera phone, when nothing else was available. So, I have pics of all sorts of random things to share, eventually.

Let’s see… aside from job hunting, sleeping, cleaning, and brushing up on the blogging/camera skills… what else? Some of my friends have teased me about “catching up” on my reading. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to reading the nonfiction that I enjoy, for fun, but I need a little more distance from my history class before I finish the last nonfiction book I started over Christmas.

On the other hand, I plan to keep up with my German skills, and I’m making use of a German For Dummies and The Complete Idiot’s Guide To German, which I bought several years ago. Two chapters into one of them, and I’ve realized that I learned all of that part in the last two semesters, and that I can translate most everything they’ve said. But I should learn some new things, in a fun way, as I keep reading. Also, I am wondering a bit how long you can learn a language before you start understanding it without thinking about it. I think it would be really neat to reach that point.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll have to share some pictures with you another time, because I obviously need to upload them from my phone or camera. Have a good summer!

P.S. It occurs to me that I should probably have exciting plans for things like going to the beach or visiting friends, but since I had a recent trip north, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I will be attending my Seabrook Conference in two weeks, so I’ll definitely be hitting the beach soon. But when I come up with a good idea for a beach trip, I’ll fill you in. Opportunity is there, I just haven’t been able to think about it yet! : )

call it crazy…

Ohhh, that weather. I never would’ve believed the forecast might be correct, because yesterday, it said that today’s weather would be in the 50’s. The FIFTIES! And yet, various people were telling me about the possibility of snow and freezing rain. But then, I woke up early (had to go get my paycheck, remember?) and read the forecast. Freezing drizzle, freezing rain, and sleet…. maybe with snow flurries mixed in. I looked out the window to see lots of dry ground outside, but the skies that looked like grey drifts of snow.

With that, I scrambled to get to work and then to the bank, before any rain could start to fall. After some veg-out time at Starbucks, I arrived way too early for work, but who wants to be driving on campus, if the cold stuff begins to fall? Nothing happened until late morning, and then they canceled classes. Rain and sleet began to fall, with the promise of precipitation slacking off by evening… but of course, all that  water on the ground will make for roads covered in sheets of ice.

My poor coworkers had to figure out how to get home, because the CAT (Clemson Area Transit) buses stopped running to Anderson. The ground began to turn white in a few spots, as the sleet began to pile up. And then it stopped, with almost every student (even the grad students!) clearing out of the area. After much boredom and lots of cleaning up in advance, we closed at our normal time, which was fine, because I enjoy getting paid. I had to scrape the ice off of my windshield before leaving the parking lot, which was unusual.

Before any Northerners start wondering why I’m complaining (I’m not) about our weather, as we really don’t have it that bad (oh, yes, I know what the weather’s like in PA right now), guess what the temperature’s supposed to be tomorrow? Almost 60 degrees. So, let’s just pray there are no car accidents on icy roads tonight, and tomorrow, we’ll be back to spring in January.

If the bad weather had decided to linger, my co-worker would have been introduced to what happens after an ice storm in the South… exploding pine trees. You know, when the sap freezes and the evergreens aren’t tough enough to take it, so they just burst (or something like that). And then, falling trees brings down the power lines. And that’s not even beginning to cover the fact that most people in the South don’t know how to drive in snowy or icy weather.

So, no, I’m not complaining about our weather, just presenting the notion that Southern weather is just plain crazy.

rambling through the day…

My requirements for a blog theme are relatively simple. No sidebars. Or rather, I want as much of the screen to be covered with writing and/or pictures as possible. So, every once in a while, when I go review my theme options, I fall back on my old favorites. But when I found the Book Lite theme, it allowed me to highlight some of my photographs, as well as my writing. Also, for the newbies that find their way to this blog, there are now footers that will help them navigate the morass. Or am I supposed to say that the widgets in the footers will help them? I’m not even sure how to put that in a sentence.

As much as I liked the new theme, something still wasn’t quite right, until I changed the side panels of the page to black, then things looked and felt more contained. And changing the pictures for every single page was quite fun, even though look through my Australia pictures can be heart-wrenching. I miss those girls something terrible.

My workday was a little busier than usual, though I haven’t figured out why. It’s not like we have bread and milk for the students to make a run on, with the prediction of snow or ice tonight. If it actually happens, I don’t expect it to last, as it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow. But while at work, I managed to smash my finger in the cash register drawer, forget to bring my paycheck home (after my boss made a special trip for it), and have the coffee run out during an unexpected 3pm rush. How did that happen?

You would think that letting the coffee run out wouldn’t be that big of a deal, since I wasn’t being lazy, just busy at the register. But when I was growing up, my dad and my grandpa couldn’t live without their coffee, and I still tend to think that those who are working or studying very hard shouldn’t be deprived of their caffeine. Watching any of the regulars (grad students and professors) leave the building without their coffee (time constraints, you know) did not leave me very happy, even if it wasn’t my fault. Silly of me, I know.

Hmmm…. what else? If you have a Kindle, I was just checking out the free e-books available on Amazon, and I discovered that Brian Jacques’ Redwall is available! Did I mention it’s free? Check it out now, the price may go up tomorrow, for all I know. Of course, I’ve read it a hundred times (or something like that), but I’m sure there are others out there that still need to read it. Enjoyable for both children and grownups, this is Jacques’ starting book to the entire wonderful series. And I still can’t get over the fact that there will never be another new Redwall book, since Brian Jacques’ died.

Meanwhile, on my lovely friend Jaci’s blog, Me and My SoldierMan, she’s having a giveaway for the New Year, involving a Starbucks gift card and OPI nail polish. I will admit to knowing next to nothing about nail polish (it doesn’t last long when I play my guitar), they sound like lovely prizes to me. I’m always up for free coffee, especially! Also, f you’ve never read her blog, you should stop by! Not only are the book/movie reviews and puppy stories great, but her discussions of current events are fascinating (and spot on).

We’re almost to February… how did that happen? Nothing much happening in that month, unless curiosity about how college students behave around Valentine’s Day counts. We don’t sell flowers, so maybe we won’t get to see anything interesting happen… or maybe we’ll have some teary students. You wouldn’t believe how having a credit card declined and not being able to pay for lunch brings all the stresses of the day/week/month to the surface.

But in MARCH, I am hope-hope-hoping that I will be able to attend a conference in PA, but I’m not certain I can afford it, at present. I’m ready for a road trip, not having been anywhere out of state since… November. That’s forever! Ok, I exaggerate, but I love a good road trip, especially if it takes me 10 hours from here. That puts me within short driving distance (3 hours or less) of most of my friends and one of my best friend-cousins. So, if you think of it, pray I’ll be able to go.

Oh, and I almost forgot. A lady came in to work with her 1 year old toddler, and of course, the poor darling was ready for her nap. But I didn’t mind the initial howling. Every time a child walks into our location (admittedly, not very often), I enjoy talking to them, and wish more came through. I’m sorry, college students are just NOT as interesting, though some are great fun to talk to. I’m longing to be a nanny again, if possible, or maybe I just miss my Aussie darlings. The sweet toddler made me miss my Bub, who is no longer a baby, as she approaches the age of three. How did THAT happen, again? I can’t quite realize it, because she always remains an almost 2 year old, in my mind.

So, that’s a bit of everything happening right now. I have such an exciting life, right?  ; )  More photos taken around Clemson, soon, I promise!