I don’t see what you see…

​Visualization is a funny thing. If you introduce yourself to me and then I ask you what your last name is, or how to spell it, it’s because if I can spell it, I can picture it in my head and remember it. So, basically, if I can write something, I can remember it.

On the other hand, I have difficulty visualizing how a room will look after being repainted or rearranged. So I couldn’t picture quite how my new shelf/desk would look before it was finished. The pics it was modeled on helped, but I couldn’t really see it. I had to trust that my dad could see what I was aiming for.

To combine the two, in a way, my fiction prof tells me that, obviously one of my scenes is “very deeply imagined,” when it really isn’t. Sometimes I can’t see it until I’ve written it, one painstaking detail at a time. Other times, I can write an evocative description that allows you (the reader) to picture it, but I’d never be able to see it myself unless someone sketched it for me… and then I agreed that it was right. You know, like watching Alan Lee and John Howe interpret Lord of the Rings in sketches, and seeing which one Peter Jackson agrees with.

Anyway, I was just pondering why I wanted to try out brush lettering (beginning sometime last semester) and why I enjoy it so much. Well, not only am I helping myself to remember Bible verses, but I’m literally “painting” with words. And I love words. 
I love ’em so much that while I might want to be daring and try something new (like pottery or improving my photography or painting) when I see a piece of God’s handiwork in nature… but my fallback will always be words. 

Words are my language, with which I try to make others SEE.

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