september bullet points…

It’s been too long, you’ll say. Well, that is completely true. You’ll have to forgive me, because it’s going to last a while longer. But let’s review the main stuff, shall we?

  • This is my senior year. While I am kept busy (and occasionally swamped), that means that within a year, I will be a college graduate searching for a job. Which means, some sweet day, I will have time for non-school related activities. Like blogging.
  • I still take photos, but mostly post them to Instagram from my phone. My camera only tends to travel with me when I visit family, and then I try and take pics on camera AND phone, because of occasional lighting and speed issues on my phone. But my phone quality keeps improving, so it’s my go-to. Laziness? Maybe. Sometimes,Ā  you do what you have time for.
  • The Lord has blessed me with a lot of spiritual growth this year, partly because of attending a new church. Sometimes, I want to shout for joy… and then a new school assignment “calms” me down. But my Savior has been gracious, and is working on me in the patience area, as well as the worry area. Not the same, I assure you.
  • I am enjoying my history classes, as always, as well as taking another fiction workshop. So, I spend a LOT of time reading for class, and writing assignments. Which is why most of the time, I don’t have brain space for any other kind of writing. Except, you know, on FB or on my Instagram posts.
  • What else is there? Some of you began following me because of my trip to Australia… what is it, 5 years ago now? While I keep in regular contact with my Aussie friends, I do hope that in the next year or two, I will be able to afford to go visit them, finally. And visit all the places that I didn’t get to, last time. But maybe, once I graduate, I will have time for more trips here in the U.S., too.
  • Continuing that thought, I have been on several road trips this year, mostly to the beach and PA and Virginia. To visit family and friends. But mostly, I wasn’t in a writing mood, because I’d been “schooled out” at that point. There are times when you never want to go near a computer again.
  • Along with the above JOY about knowing the Lord better this year, along with that comes a renewed interest in a few things that I’ve slacked on over the years. Playing my guitar or playing the piano. Trying new things, mostly art-related. Getting a bike, and taking some leisure skills at school, like tennis and top ropes. So, since writing and blogging still remain in my list of things I like to do, I’m more likely to do them when I’m not busy AND when I’m particularly happy/joyful about something. When worry and frustration crowd things out, the fun things slide, because… well, that’s playing with avoidance tactics, as I see it. If I’m blogging in order to avoid studying, then I’m shirking what I have to be doing. I want to keep my GPA up high, you know. šŸ™‚
  • So, all that to say that, I’m praying for more patience and to hand over the worries, as well as to make sure I’m not slacking on my schoolwork. It’s a mixed bag when it comes time to thinking about blogging. But I’m trying to get it back into the list of things that I CAN do, when there is time and freed up brain space.
  • Thanks for hanging in there! I just thought I’d include a collage of photos from this last month, just for a bright spot in the writing blather that I’m including here. I hope you have a blessed month and the rest of the year, in case I get tied up totally with school until Christmas!

4 thoughts on “september bullet points…

  1. Hi Rachel, nice blog!

    I’m a student at Clemson and actually came across this blog when searching for a good photo of the reflection pond. Are you still going there? I’m working on a brochure that might be used by the school to promote one of their programs, it’d be great (and incredibly generous of you) if I could use one of your reflection pond photos (there’s one in particular that I thought was really awesome… I would need a high resolution copy though . . . not sure if you have one on hand . . . anyway, let me know, I’d really appreciate it.

    • Wow, thank you! If you can tell me which picture it is, I don’t see why you couldn’t use it. Do I get photo credit somewhere on the brochure? If it’s a pic taken from my Nikon, then I definitely have it in higher resolution. Oh, and yes, I’m still a Clemson student. Senior in the history program. šŸ™‚

      • You are more than welcome. The picture is one of the reflection pond looking out toward the Cooper Library. After you replied, I actually noticed that there was a fairly high-res version already available through Google images.
        Unfortunately, because of the brochure’s format, you wouldn’t be able to receive credit on the actual brochure, but you would definitely get credited for the photo when I present the brochure and would be more than welcome to refer to the brochure in your resume or other documents if you’d like.

        I’m not sure what the likelihood is of Clemson actually using the brochure, but if they do, it would be to promote the English department and the programs offered by them. I am a graduate student there, and the brochure is an assignment for a class I am taking, but they have adopted many of the brochure’s created by students in this class in the past. It really just depends on how well they like the design, which is of course up in the air.

        If you’d like, we can definitely talk more about it, and I’ll try to answer any questions you have. Also, I could send you a copy of the design once it is complete if you’d like, although I can’t give any guarantees as to how good it will be, lol. All I can say is that I will be putting a lot of work into it and trying to make the best design I can with the tools I’ve been given. I really appreciate you letting me use the photo, and I hope your semester is going great! Feel free to email me directly as well.

        • I was only curious about the credit issue. So, you don’t need the pic after all? You can find me at and if you still need the pic, I’ll need to figure out which pic you need. I have quite a few that answer to that description. I just WISH they hadn’t cir down the cherry trees, though. I have some gorgeous pics of the pond, the library, and cherry blossoms in the spring…

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