if you’re keeping up…

I took a moment out of my busier-and-busier schedule to glance at my blog… and discovered that I hadn’t updated my book list since January. Well, considering I haven’t posted much this year, I suppose that’s understandable? So, I took a breather after spending ALL day yesterday, reading books for a paper that I have to write… and part of this morning, too, come to think of it. Short break to scarf up some homemade stir fry leftovers and start updating the book list. There are so many (I must’ve really been book bingeing in January!) that I haven’t even finished the updating yet, because I need to get back to work.

But this is to let you know that I’m working on it, and as soon as exams are finished (Dec. 11 is the last day of exam week), I should write a post where I commentate on what I read this year. It’s rather funny, I had almost forgotten that I was re-reading the Little House books after receiving them as a Christmas present last year!

On a different horizon, I will be starting an internship next semester, along with taking four regular classes, so I hope to have some more interesting things to write about, sometime soon. I’m not quite ready to share the details, but I’ll get there. So, while I’m looking forward to some more of my siblings arriving (today!) and the arrival of cousins on Thanksgiving day, I will still be making as much time as possible to write my papers and read all the necessary books in order to write them properly. Most of the books that I’m using are piled on my desk or on the deacon’s bench upstairs (I often work at the dining room table), but there’s at least one paper due in ten days that I have done no research for yet, and haven’t gotten any books from the library. Deep breath, we’re going to make it!

My hopes for the holidays include catching up on finishing some painting projects here at home, helping decorate (maybe, if I finish my papers in time) and doing some volunteer work at the place that I will be interning. But that’s still a few weeks out. For those waiting for me to find my new “angle” on writing my blog, though, I hope to have it soon, and be able to write more often. Because it really takes something that EXCITES me to start writing regularly again. Here’s hoping for the best in that area, and I pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

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