another week, another friday…

Who doesn’t love Fridays? Actually, though I don’t pay much attention to the “hump day” commercial, Wednesdays always trigger the almost-weekend feels. Probably because my Geology Lab is that day, and though not usually difficult, I still don’t like having to stay at school until 4:30 to 5. Yes, I know, you’re very sad for me. But my last two semesters, my classes were always done by 2-3 and I had a full schedule. So that gave me some time to veg out and get a breather, before working on school work.

But Mondays and Fridays fly, because there’s only two classes and not too huge a gap between them. Except my Geology class had a sub, and then he went through the slides on sedimentary rocks in twenty minutes. And announced that that was all. We blinked in surprise, and moved out. So, I had more time to sit outside in the cool fall breeze, eating my lunch and reading a few chapters of Mere Christianity.

Hmmm… I really should have taken some pics on campus, but I’ve been lazy. There’s still plenty of construction, but at least the second parking lot at the library has reopened, so that area doesn’t look as chaotic. It also seems really wide open, because they took a tree out over that corner of the pond. I had to stare at it for a long time in order to locate where the tree’s trunk must have been, because I know that spot used to be shadier. But when you walk past the library, heading towards Riggs, now, you get a nice view of the old and new sections of Rhodes Hall, so I guess that’s a plus.

Some tests are coming up next week, the first ones in my Western Civ class and one in German. I’m a little nervous about the history one because it’s essay format and you never know how a new teacher will grade or what he might throw at you for an essay question. Especially when you don’t get the question in advance. so, have to spend some of my weekend, reviewing the Greeks, Romans, and Mesopotamians, and try and forget the hogwash he taught us about the Israelites. Well, maybe I mean to remember some of it, but forget it when the test’s over.

I’m glad my cold is getting better, and hopefully by Monday, I won’t sound like a frog anymore. I keep reminding myself that no matter how much my nose runs, I’m thankful to be past the sore throat part. That’s always the worst.

Enjoy the weekend and the fall weather!

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