been to the beach…

What can I say? Seabrook in May… is awesome, as always. Wonderful friends, fantastic meetings with Rex sharing from the Word of God, splendid food, and did I mention it’s at the beach?  DSC_0845DSC_0817I’m finding that I don’t have very much to say about it… probably because I waited too long, but also since I’ve said it so many times before. Come to think of it, there were a few differences this year, but not all of them were my fault. : )  For one, I didn’t play any Frisbee, because I wanted to go walk to the Point during the daytime, for once. There were people throwing a disc around, but they were finished by the time I returned. Considering that I usually do my long beach walks at midnight, this was a nice change, even if I missed out on the Frisbee. I suspect there would have been volleyball, too, if anyone had remembered to bring one. We’ll have to try for that, next May.DSC_0849DSC_0880The tide was high at midnight, this year, so high that you had to either walk in the water or walk on the crunchy, branchy stuff that gathers at the tide line. So, I didn’t do any beach walking, though I know there were others that did.

As always, the food was phenomenal, especially at dinner, when they break out the best meals imaginable. Including, for the first time that I can remember, shrimp ‘n grits. I’m not a huge fan of grits, but if they were made like this every time, I’d eat them all day long. I was absolutely stuffed after that meal was over, it was SO good.DSC_0894DSC_0898We met in the gym this year, since they had to raise the chapel (apparently it was sinking) up some more. So, we got to try out some new acoustics (definitely not as good as the chapel) and there were a few mishaps with the new keyboard they had us use. But as always, it was a wonderfully blessed time.DSC_0902On Monday, as usual, a bunch of us went in to Charleston, in order to visit the Market, and then see some more sights. We passed the Provost Dungeon (see below) on the way to eating at the Brown Dog Cafe (I think), which was really good. And then, several of us went to run people back to the airport, while others went to Skip’s for pizza. If any Seabrook regulars want to know more about the conference, I’m afraid you’ll have to ask in person. All I’ve got is this teaser, instead of a full-blown dissertation. Have a great week!DSC_0924DSC_0928

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