it’s a lockout…

Even if you’re no longer doing everlastingly fascinating things in Australia, it’s true that life still remains interesting and amusing, by fits and starts. Yesterday, having slept in again and then enjoyed some lunch and catch-up time with a good friend, I came home to take some photographs. Yes, I dropped my purse and keys in the house, grabbed the camera and the phone, and went back outside. After taking a few pics of my mom’s flowers, the new ones hanging in baskets, I went around to the backyard, looking for some shade.DSC_0546We’ve had really warm weather this week, up in the 90’s, and brilliantly blue skies, so I definitely needed the shade if I wanted to take any selfies. Who knew, when my Aussie friends taught me to say it that way, that it would finally catch on back home? When I left for Australia (over three years ago), most people I know were still calling them self-portraits. When I returned, I was calling them selfies and the changeover in name had just occurred in the U.S.DSC_0549Anyway, I took some more pictures of flowers, with both camera and phone, and then went back up front, wanting to get inside and maybe get a drink. Except the door wouldn’t open. No, you can’t accidentally lock yourself out with our front door, so I looked around and… no cars in the driveway but mine. Sigh. Things would have been even “better”, if I had left my phone inside, but no, I had wanted pictures to use for Instagram. I was able to call several people immediately, and try and figure out who locked me out. I never heard a car leave, but my brother had been unable to find me and assumed I was out somewhere… with my keys. DSC_0547But he assured me he’d be back in 15 minutes or less, and I experimented with listening to my music with my phone, without headphones, and blasting it through the carport. Wow, that phone can really crank out the sound! But sweeping pollen out of the carport quickly makes you feel like your lungs are full of dust, so my brother’s arrival was timely. Don’t worry, I did a better job of the carport, later.DSC_0555

DSC_0559And while I go ahead and put some real photos, taken with my camera, into this blog… I hope that this signals to you AND to me that I can get back into my usual style of blogging, which is to look for the interesting side of everyday. Whether it’s around town or in my house, you can find these things. You just have to look.DSC_0561So bear with me, and we’ll see what the summer brings my blog and I…DSC_0567

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