all done…

I’m reminded of all the little kids who finish their meal, and inform their parents that they are finished eating. They’re full, they’re ready to be done with food for the present, and they’re ready to go do something else. I can relate.

Classes are finished for the summer, and I’m ready for the break of thinking too much. If I can find a part-time job that doesn’t require too much mental gymnastics, I’ll be thrilled. Something different that brought in a little cash would be handy. But aside from future job-hunting, first up is just to relax and catch up on a bit of sleep. And then make myself useful around our house, put in a bit of “spring-cleaning”. With pollen season almost over and being a former housekeeper, that won’t be too difficult.

I think I’m rambling because I’m still tired, but hopefully the fog in my brain will clear over time, and I’ll be able to get in some decent blogging again. While I’ve shared about school stuff, there have been times when I wished I could share the interesting things of life again, without having to go right back to a paper that needed editing. Or to be let loose in the Botanical Gardens, and come up with photos to share.

However, again, I have been making use of my camera phone, when nothing else was available. So, I have pics of all sorts of random things to share, eventually.

Let’s see… aside from job hunting, sleeping, cleaning, and brushing up on the blogging/camera skills… what else? Some of my friends have teased me about “catching up” on my reading. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to reading the nonfiction that I enjoy, for fun, but I need a little more distance from my history class before I finish the last nonfiction book I started over Christmas.

On the other hand, I plan to keep up with my German skills, and I’m making use of a German For Dummies and The Complete Idiot’s Guide To German, which I bought several years ago. Two chapters into one of them, and I’ve realized that I learned all of that part in the last two semesters, and that I can translate most everything they’ve said. But I should learn some new things, in a fun way, as I keep reading. Also, I am wondering a bit how long you can learn a language before you start understanding it without thinking about it. I think it would be really neat to reach that point.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll have to share some pictures with you another time, because I obviously need to upload them from my phone or camera. Have a good summer!

P.S. It occurs to me that I should probably have exciting plans for things like going to the beach or visiting friends, but since I had a recent trip north, I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I will be attending my Seabrook Conference in two weeks, so I’ll definitely be hitting the beach soon. But when I come up with a good idea for a beach trip, I’ll fill you in. Opportunity is there, I just haven’t been able to think about it yet! : )

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