the glow of fall colors…

Some trees are turning into brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges, but you might not notice it at certain times of day. The angle of the sun makes a huge difference to whether those maple trees are lit up from behind, or whether the buildings block all the sun. DSC_0038

DSC_0041DSC_0050I made a point of going to look at the maple trees by the Rhodes Hall Annex, between classes. Quickly, I found that if I stood on one side, the trees looked almost dull and interesting, because the sun was behind me. When I was on the other end of the row, the leaves were back-lit by the sun, and the glorious colors were amazing to look at.DSC_0039

DSC_0042DSC_0043So, if you’re like me, short on time and daylight (the time did just change, after all), you can still find these small pockets of time and places to take pictures. I wish I could go into the mountains and see the really gorgeous color changes… but I can’t. I look for the nearby pieces of brightness, instead.DSC_0045DSC_0046DSC_0052

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