a bit of reflection…

I was actually looking at trees, when I took my camera on campus, the other day. The leaves are changing, and while I don’t always have time to go to the Botanical Gardens, I walk among tons of trees, every day at school. So, bring the camera, and go take a few pics between classes (instead of napping in the Cooper library). Simple, right?DSC_0033

But it was only after I took these pictures that I realized I should have taken a few more that focused especially on the reflection on the pond surface. I usually think the name of “Reflecting Pond” or “Reflection Pond” (does anyone know which it is?) for the body of water in front of Cooper is rather odd, because nothing reflects when the fountains are on. But with the mornings getting chillier, they don’t turn the fountains on until later in the morning (do they wait for a certain time or a certain temperature?). DSC_0033-001

So, while playing around with the coloring and cropping of all my photos, I decided to play with my one photo of the pond’s reflection. The first is a slightly edited original and then I cropped that for the second and third. Maybe you didn’t notice, at first, that the second and third photos are the same, except for the different coloring. But I like how they all look, and mean to look for another opportunity to take this type of photo, some other morning, when I have the time.DSC_0033-002

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