patience makes red seeds…

The magnolia seeds are popping from their cones. When I finally noticed this, I had to remember to put my camera in my backpack, on a day when I would have time to take a few pictures. Well, that’s unless I wanted to go back in to school on the weekend. I’d rather not, thanks.DSC_0938

Some of the cones had released their seeds some time ago, leaving the brown, dried out hull on the branch. Some branches were completely bare of any sign of cones, so I knew the cones had already fallen to the ground. If you remember those weeks when I was stalking the magnolia flowers, I assure you that I know where some of the flowers were located.  : )DSC_0935

DSC_0950As I was in the middle of the process of getting my major changed (finally), I took a few pictures near Hunter Hall, but then hiked up to Edwards Hall. I’m glad I did, because the magnolia cones weren’t plentiful by Hunter, but I found some just loaded with red seeds, when I walked past Rhodes. You see, those red seeds are a favorite food to squirrels and birds, so there’s only a short time period when you’ll find them. DSC_0942

Do you know how long it takes a Southern Magnolia to be grown from the seeds? I think they can be grown from cuttings, too, but think of the patience it takes, waiting for the seeds to sprout, if you choose that route! Fifteen years to break through the ground, possibly? If the squirrels don’t get to them, first.DSC_0947

From there, I kept walking past the library and up to Edwards, peering at any passing Southern Magnolia tree, and wondering why some of them had shed their seeds already. After that, I was able to successfully get the final signatures on my paper to change my major, after running back and forth between buildings for the last week or two.

DSC_0948Walking out of Edwards Hall had a surreal feeling, because their first floor lobby has a painting of R. C. Edwards, whom the building was named for. Since my junior high school was named for him, I had seen a copy of that painting, many times, during my teen years. But walking past it, twenty years later, gave me a really strange feeling.  I was still in college, right?DSC_0952

And if you’re wondering about my major change, don’t worry. I’m still a history major. Technically, I’ve been one since I started school this fall, but OFFICIALLY, I was still in the books as a PRTM major from back when I was 18. Don’t ask. It was a major that sounded sort of interesting, at the time, and I thought that I HAD to declare something. But all these years later, it was still in the books. DSC_0946

Soon, I’ll be able to consult with my actual advisor in the history department, and then figure out what classes I’ll be taking next semester. My goal is to have only 15 credits in the spring, and maybe have a leisure course or two included. I could use a breather.DSC_0953

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