north came south…

It’s been a week since we got back from Pennsylvania, in our flying trip to get my storage unit stuff. In between all the schoolwork, I find the time to rearrange my books, pick more of them out to donate, and dig up interesting things to place on my shelves. I guess I haven’t really shared how things are shaping up… in both rooms.DSC_0855

DSC_0718Now that the storage unit stuff has arrived from the north, and we’ve sold our pool table, the center of that room is full of furniture. But a big difference was made when I set up my desk, which now can hold all my Lord of the Rings and Narnia Weta statuettes. That’s one great thing about that headboard that sits on my desk, making it the best desk ever. Who needs a “real” desk, when you can build one from shelves, a door, and a queen-sized headboard?DSC_0606The white shelves in the pool room are mostly full and I have been able to get out some of my favorite knick-knacks to put on them, too. But that’s without even opening up my remaining Boyds Bears and Dollstones… hope I’ll have some more surface space, eventually.DSC_0701

DSC_0861The shelves in my bedroom can be shifted up and down, so as soon as the LOTR statues came off the top shelf, I started to rearrange them all… again. Now, I still have several piles of books, and I’m running out of shelves. I used to have several smaller ones, but I donated one, and my cousin is using another. I think the remaining “problem” is that despite donating several hundred books, once upon a time, I had triple rows of books on the bottom shelves. So, I still may come up short on room for them. Sigh. I know, life is hard.  ; )DSC_0851

Speaking of books, despite having to read quite a few of them for my schoolwork, and having a pile of them getting ready for my military paper, I still escape the college books, now and then. Just finished rereading North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a similar flavor to Jane Austen, but in more of a workers’ environment. Of course, there is the miniseries version to be watched, starring Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe, with Armitage giving Mr. Darcy a run for his money. For all the Tolkien fans, Armitage plays Thorin in The Hobbit movies.DSC_0847

Anyway, as much as I really do enjoy the history reading (some of it) and some of the English reading, I have to escape into my own reading, from time to time. A few weeks ago, I was reading A Patriot’s History of the United States, by Larry Schweikart and Michael Patrick Allen, as a method of escaping my Western Civ teacher’s excessively liberal views. But the busier I’ve gotten, the less time I have for extra non-fiction. The fiction helps me escape for a few minutes, when I’m eating lunch, or taking a break between subjects.DSC_0856

Tonight, I was doing some shopping (for clothes), but I continued to resist going anywhere near a bookstore. As the end of the year approaches, my craving to buy books is growing. Except for books for school, I haven’t bought myself a single book during this entire year. And though my wish list grows on Amazon, I continue to download free books, and I’m shelving all the books that I’ve had for years… the urge to have a new book that has nothing to do with school… it’s building. I believe that after this year, I’ll do much better at resisting spending money on books, especially when I need to save it. But just the relief of being able to buy the newest Naomi Novik, Robin Mckinley, or Rick Riordan… I can’t wait.DSC_0852

Looking through the pictures I’ve uploaded… you’ll see the tons of Star Wars books that I own, and just one of my movie posters. I had lots of empty walls in my last house, so I had Star Wars and Lord of the Rings posters to put up, along with my wall of calendars (the calendars are under my bed, now). Now, I have no wall space, so I store them, wondering when I’ll be able to put them up again, if ever.DSC_0858

DSC_0860And yes, I do love me some Lord of the Rings. The Argonath bookends have been in my collection ever since I bought the expanded edition sets that came with the statues. The Minas Tirith jewelry box was one of those, too. No, don’t have a panic attack. What kind of idiot would actually store jewelry under Minas Tirith? But for some reason, that’s what that figurine was made to be. The Weta artists are amazing, aren’t they?DSC_0862

DSC_0870If you have a care for the Narnia books and movies, then you’ll know full well that Oreius was a character created just for the movies, but the centaurs have always fascinated me. That was my first Weta statue, and it’s a stunning piece of work… though they never can seem to get the faces right. DSC_0868

DSC_0871Well, I think I’ve babbled enough for now. But it finally occurred to me that I’ve had these photos collecting, but haven’t done anything with them. Now, if I could just figure out where my copies of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were hiding…DSC_0865DSC_0872

P.S. For those college fans that are wondering, yes, I do know that Clemson is playing Florida State, this weekend, and I am even wearing a Clemson shirt, because today is Friday. But while my older brother has come all the way from New Hampshire to be at the game, I will be home studying and taking notes on King Leopold’s Ghost. But whether I find the time to watch the game on tv (hey, I watched the game against Georgia!), I felt like pointing out how much more awareness I have of Clemson doings, now that I’m a student there. : )

One thought on “north came south…

  1. I have those same Lotr bookends! They used to actually hold books, but now i think they’re just displayed somewhere.
    Also i never read North and South, but I did see the screen version with Richard Armitage because he’s awesome. I first saw him in the BBC Robin Hood series and was thrilled when I found out he was going to be Thorin.

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