the happiness of butterflies…

Who wouldn’t be happy, on a sunshine-y day like this, with the brightness of these colors? I have no actual pictures of the butterflies that visit this butterfly bush, but let me assure you that they flock and frolic around the pink and yellow blooms. But they also run away, in a tizzy, whenever I come close. Well, the little ones do, at least.DSC_0466

DSC_0467I arrived back from school at lunchtime and knew I could have no better lighting than that glorious sunshine. Then, I almost got sidetracked by doing something on my computer, before remembering I had come downstairs for my camera. Some clouds had gathered, but they wandered away by the time I was in the grass of our front yard.DSC_0468

DSC_0471DSC_0480If you’ve never seen the blooms of a butterfly bush, they’re obviously a LOT smaller than they look in these pictures. But their colors are delightful, and I always wonder how they “know” to have yellow and pink blossoms, when other bushes of this type have all purple blooms. DSC_0478

DSC_0479No colors were adjusted before the posting of these pictures. Those splashes of color are all the work of God’s creation, the brilliant sunshine highlighting the “plumage” of the plants.DSC_0484DSC_0481

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