not so itsy-bitsy…

I don’t like spiders. But as long as they keep their distance from me, I won’t freak out, and they’re allowed to live. Unless they intrude on my personal space. Because if a bug gets in my face, or on my body, then all bets are off.DSC_0464

With as many arachnophobic friends as I have, I prided myself on my ability to look at this fellow… just a little bit. It still gives me the creeps, but my mom did tell me that it isn’t dangerous. In fact, this yellow-and-black kind are really good for gardens, eating all the bugs that want to eat your plants. DSC_0473

DSC_0475With the sun as brilliant as it was, I tried really hard to get myself at an angle where you could see the beauty of the spider web, but my camera was having difficulty in focusing on the spider strands, as opposed to the flowers behind it. I find that thicker design of webbing, below the spider, to be rather fascinating, but I don’t know enough about these critters to explain why it’s there.DSC_0474

But I took enough flower pictures that day that I thought the spider could enjoy having its very own post, and the floral offerings will come later. I’ve had trouble finding flowers in bloom anywhere on campus, but maybe I’ll have to visit the Botanical Gardens, one of these weekends. Especially when the leaves start to change.DSC_0476

Anyway, more photos are coming. Be patient!DSC_0498

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