we’ll always remember…

I had a vague idea, as I walked to my German class, this morning, that I had arrived at work about that same time on 9/11/01. As I thought of it, I wondered how many of the present undergraduates knew where they had been that day. The brand-new freshmen would have been six years old, and the seniors were probably ten years old, at the time. I was twenty-one, and I’ve never forgotten where I was, that Tuesday.DSC_0541

DSC_0540As I left my German class, to walk by the reflection pond, in order to reach Hardin Hall, I stopped short as I saw the hill above the Amphitheater. A flag display had been arranged there, and as much as I wanted to go look, I didn’t have time between classes. Also, I didn’t have a snazzy camera phone to take a picture with. Even at that distance, I could see that everyone was stopping to look. DSC_0542

DSC_0543DSC_0544With the issues of parking on campus, I eventually found my solution to getting my camera, and had my brother drop me off near the end of my mom’s workday. So, walking down from the Carillon Garden, I approached the display from the top. If you walked by, above it, could you tell what it was? Oh, yes, with the 9-11 Project signs, that would attract your attention.DSC_0546

DSC_0545DSC_0547As you can see, there are no pins left under the sign, so I don’t know what they looked like. But I truly appreciate the group that took the time to put up this display. I’ve done my best, by walking to several spots nearby, to get a good look at it. It was difficult to get high enough to see it properly.DSC_0548

DSC_0549I don’t think I can ever say the right thing on this day. Don’t forget our American heroes that saved so many lives on that day, some  giving up their own lives to do it. Remember the families that lost their loved ones. Thank the men in our military, who do their best, every day, to keep our country free. DSC_0550

DSC_0553And thank God for all the blessings in your life. DSC_0557DSC_0559

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