don’t take the easy way out…

If you are in a field of study or career that heavily involves math and/or science, let me drop a word of wisdom into your ear. Actually, I want it in BOTH of your ears, so it really sinks into your brain. Are you listening?

When you are conversing with a slightly worried history major (or any major that does NOT heavily involve math/science), do NOT spend any amount of time telling them that “it’ll be easy”. In fact, delete the word “easy” from your vocabulary, as long as you are speaking to them. Because, you know what? They WILL NOT BELIEVE YOU.

In the larger scheme of things, let’s suppose that it IS easy. Don’t ask me how you measure this, because “easy-ness” isn’t really a field you can measure. Something can be true, and you still can’t convince the hearer. Have you ever run into that before?

You know for a fact that gravity exists, but that 5 year old of yours still thinks they should be able to jump off the roof, and fly away. Do they really believe you when you say it can’t be done? No, THEY probably think you’re a spoilsport.

Let’s try looking at it from the history major’s point of view. Maybe it won’t be as hard as they think, once they get started. Maybe things will actually start to make sense. Maybe. But that’s not the point. Especially if your history major is a girl, all she’s going to hear, when you begin to speak (and say the word “easy”) is “I’m really smart and I AM GOOD AT THIS, so everyone else should be, too.”. Or she’s going to think you’re bragging.  You may not be doing it on purpose, but she might still think it sounds like you are.

Then again, if you’re really good at science/math, you might not even be able to see my point. You’re too good at these subjects to make it even possible that anyone else couldn’t handle such a simple subject.

Remember, delete the word “easy” from your vocabulary. Instead, encourage the slightly worried history major with things like, “Maybe it won’t be as bad as you think.”, “Take it a day at a time, and I’ll help you if you need a hand.”, or “Take a deep breath. It IS hard, but you can do this. When you study hard, it WILL get better.”

Yours truly wants to know that it CAN BE DONE, but not that it’s easy. Tell me it’s difficult, because I already know that, and now I know you aren’t lying to me to make me feel better.

For example, I know of one… maybe two people that have told me that chemistry will be hard. That didn’t make me feel better, either, but at least I knew they were being honest with me. And now, I just need to survive my first Chem Lab, before I can face the rest of the semester.

So, please… take that advice, put it in your pipe, and smoke it for a long, long while.

One thought on “don’t take the easy way out…

  1. When I’m facing the hard/impossible challenges, Phil 4:13 is my favorite and most encouraging meditation – “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Blessings to you as you tackle your studies!

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