and thus it begins…

Just thought I’d drop a quick note, before going back to my reading. Please note that I will not have this much time on my hands, as soon as the semester really gets into gear. Thankfully, the first two days have been overviews, assignments of reading, and a short essay or two.

I knew, coming into this, that the dread of starting was probably going to be worse than the actual classes. I’m doing my very best to not panic over all the work I will have to do, projects I’ll have to complete, and papers I will have to write. I’m trying to take it a day at a time, stay on top of things, and study ahead.

My five classes (and two labs) include German, Chemistry in Context (Chem105), English Lit (20th-21st Century), and two History classes (West & the World II and Modern Military History). Today, I went to what will probably be my hardest class, subject-wise, but the intro to the Chemistry class wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be. It will get harder, but again, I’m trying to not look far enough ahead that I freak out.  : )

When I say hardest, subject-wise, I don’t mean that my other classes will be easy. As fascinating as I find the history, language, and literature, these classes will call for plenty of writing and research to go with it. I love to write, especially when I get to write about anything I want to, with no rules… that’s why blogging is so fun for me. But having to follow the guidelines, do the research, cite the references, and possibly come up with an argument for something… I’m not really looking forward to that part.

Thus far, I really like all of my teachers, who are quite an interesting group of characters, and very different from one another. After sitting in the classes, listening to each of them, for the most part, I thought to myself “Hey, I can do this…”. Well, I’m still a little iffy on the Chemistry, but again, I plan to pay attention, work hard, and try to ask for help from those that are available.

Now, since I’m going to be away for most of the weekend, I need to get back to my reading, and make sure I’ve done almost everything that I can, in advance. I’ll try to get back on here with some updates, after things have settled down.

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