the flora of hawai’i…

In March of 2008, a friend and I flew to Hawaii to both see the island, and to see my cousin, who was stationed there. As I’ve been transferring pictures from my desktop to my laptop (I’ve been meaning to do this for a LONG time), I’ve noticed a few things.IMG_0388

IMG_0410IMG_0415Obviously, these pictures appear a bit grainier than my most recent photos, but that’s because I was using one of my Canon Powershot cameras. I’m not sure which one, though. Probably it’s the one I still have, but I can’t be sure. But mostly, I noticed that already, pictures of the local flowers were showing up, wherever I found them.IMG_0440

IMG_0444IMG_0445I’ve had to delete any number of fuzzy photos, or ones that were too distant to make anything of, but I’ve sorted through them, and done some editing. I would have been experimenting with the macro zoom option on my camera, at the time, which seemed to do a good job with closeups. But as I was using a point-and-shoot camera, I wasn’t looking through the viewfinder, but at the screen on the back of the camera. It’s also likely that I was taking pictures on the fly, as I tried to keep up with Joel and Carrie. Who knows?IMG_0456

IMG_0455IMG_0459But since I haven’t been out taking local photos in some time, I thought I’d revisit a past trip, instead. Perhaps you can see how far I’ve come with my photography since then?IMG_0479

IMG_0481IMG_0488Of course, I have any number of other pictures of our trip, but at this point, I don’t know how to sort through them and blog about them. I have my journal entries from that trip, but just like the FB Notes that I used to write, using my shorthand journal, they’re somewhat lengthy. I’ll see what I can do. If I have time before school starts, maybe I’ll formulate a description of that trip, but I can’t promise anything.  : )IMG_0490

IMG_0489IMG_0498Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for a trip to Pennsylvania, as soon as I’m finished with my job on Thursday. I’ll be hitting the road on Friday, and probably spending more than the weekend there, catching up with people, and sorting my storage unit. If you’ve heard anything about a previously planned trip to get the unit stuff, we’ve pushed the move date back, but it’s still sooner rather than later. More on that, some other time.IMG_0512

IMG_0514IMG_0515But I should have some pictures of friends, babies, and the PA locality, after I get back. Have a great week!IMG_0520IMG_0564IMG_0699

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