blossoms of the crepe myrtle…

I had never realized that my “favorite tree” was a crepe myrtle. Now that these trees are blooming all over campus, it finally hit me. So, I figured I’d go see that particular tree from behind Hunter… and it isn’t blooming yet.DSC_0798 DSC_0801

But anyway, there’s a whole row of crepe myrtles blooming between Hunter Hall and Fluor-Daniel, so I went to look more closely at them. My initial impression is that the bright pink color is nice, but when I get closer, they don’t look very interesting. Then, I look REALLY closely… and my whole perspective changes.DSC_0803 DSC_0804

DSC_0806The yellow centers of the flower are a stark contrast to the bright pink “crepe” petals. They’re rather strange-looking, overall, with what looks like the arms of an octopus sticking out of the bloom.DSC_0809

DSC_0807Some of the trees had been out in the rain, and the blossoms were dead and falling off, while others were heavily covered with bugs and bees, so I tried to stay clear of the pollen-collectors.DSC_0810

DSC_0812While hanging out under the branches, I saw the crazily peeling bark of the crepe myrtles. The fact that they shed, all year round, would explain how they get their funkily designed trunks, over time.DSC_0811

DSC_0813I read online that the leaves are supposed to change to bright colors, after the blooms are gone. Also, the trunks are supposed to hold a wide range of color, in the shaggy, peeling trunks. I look forward to seeing it, as I’ve never noticed it in passing, before.DSC_0815

DSC_0818My “favorite” tree must be an older crepe myrtle, because the ones in our back yard aren’t old enough to have developed any twists or turns, yet. Also, our trees are way in the back, and I don’t go close enough to see them. At least, not usually. Maybe, someday, they’ll be as sturdy and beautiful as that one tree behind Hunter.DSC_0816DSC_0819

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