the flowers play peek-a-boo…

Lots of decorative border grasses seem to grow little flowers, so it is difficult for me to identify these. Suffice it to say, they’re small and charming, and hard to see, unless you’re really looking for them.DSC_0839

DSC_0840DSC_0843Their colors seem to cover a spectrum of white and pink and purple pastels. At least one photo shows what most people see when they’re walking by… nothing but grass. Or what they see, when they’re on the other side of the road. Oh, wait, they don’t even notice the grass, if they’re that far away.  : )DSC_0841

DSC_0844DSC_0846They’re tiny purple-pink-and-white charmers, wouldn’t you say?DSC_0848 DSC_0849 DSC_0850

I’ve seen these little floral peek-a-boos hiding all over campus, but until the tree fell on Bowman, I haven’t had my camera out, recently. While I still regret missing out on the photo opportunity of a century (WHY couldn’t someone have told me about that tree?), I’ll try and console myself by looking for the little stuff, once more.DSC_0856

DSC_0857Update: I have been reliably informed that this is monkey grass, which still borders part of our driveway. I don’t recall our own monkey grass ever looking this pretty.

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