the dance of the mosquitoes…

I decided that I needed to get outside and take a few photos, since I haven’t done so in some time. And then realized why I should have put on some bug spray. Wait, I don’t even think we have any. But we’ve had so much rain, there must be standing water all over the place, and the skeeters were all after me.DSC_0769

DSC_0762So, if you drove by my yard while I attempted to hold still and take some of the pictures, you would see me doing a funky dance between pictures. The things you have to do for your art, you know. At the moment, I’m not sure if they got me, but I’ll probably start itching later.DSC_0765

DSC_0763While you’re admiring our bird bath, I would like to state that the water is clean, the patterns in the water are actually the texture of the bird bath itself. I’ve been hosing it out, daily, to make sure no mosquitoes try and use it for a breeding ground. Not a difficult thing to do, when I remember to water my mom’s flowers.DSC_0771

The purple balloon flowers are blooming. Their colors are amazing, and I rarely have to touch them up (unless I’m just trying out a new effect, for fun). They’re almost iridescent, somehow, but God made them that way. I didn’t.DSC_0778

DSC_0779And before I forget, no photo editing was involved with the insect on the gladiolus. I happened to pass by and found him hanging out. I’m surprised that photo came out that clearly, considering how I was jumping around to keep the mosquitoes from landing on my hands.DSC_0780

Maybe I’ll get out for some more tree and flower photography, sometime soon. I just found out that my “favorite” tree on campus is a crepe myrtle. While I was visiting Strode Tower to get some advice from Clemson’s English Department, I passed a whole passel of them, in bloom. The “favorite” tree is surrounded by construction, at the moment, so I haven’t been over to look at it, recently.DSC_0781

DSC_0785Hang in there, I’ll try and throw some photos on here, now and then, when I have time!DSC_0786

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