it has begun to register…

If you must know, I was really nervous… about registering for classes. That’s all, you say? Nothing else? Of course, I’m nervous about starting school and being in school and studying for school… shall I continue? Please, let’s stick with the nervousness we know.

After jumping through hoops, all summer, and having to go FIND the right hoops, mostly, I found out something. If the university had told me I had an e-mail address, most of the running around would have stopped. They sent me my user ID name (not my ID number, mind you), and that was it. Seems to me, pointing out that I need to go find my e-mail address on the website would have been helpful.

I finally figured it out, when I needed one last thing to deal with some financial aid. Where was the requisite paper I needed? Why do they act like I have it already? When I finally opened my school e-mail account, I found e-mails from back in April, of all the things I’d been dealing with for the last few months. Understandably, I was peeved. But now, at least I had a final e-mail explaining that not only was my first day to register on July 20 (I knew that), but I couldn’t do it until 2pm.

Why July 20? I was told a few weeks ago that it’s a crazy new rule that they only invented this year, for returning students. So much for the registrar telling me that they’re “trying to make it easier” for returning students. If I didn’t live hear, I might have given up a long time ago.

And so, the day arrived. I had peeked at the website, and was uncertain whether no classes were available, or if they just appeared closed until that magical hour. It hurt my head to think about not finding any available classes, so I pushed it from my mind (mostly), until Saturday. After a leisurely, quiet morning (the family went blueberrying), I finished waking up, and read a book. Kept an eye on the clock, but 2pm was still a ways away.

When it finally arrived, I was delighted to find that some classes were open. The ones I wanted? It didn’t seem like it, at first. I scratched German from my list… and then discovered, ten minutes later, that it had opened back up. When I finally figured out how to register for two classes, simultaneously, then I got my language class and lab.

That was after all the “fun” of attempting to sign up for a Chemistry and English class. Both came up with issues that wouldn’t allow me to register. The system doesn’t know what to do with me, when it comes to English, because I exempted some English classes, because of my AP classes in high school. But I can’t sign up for a 200 level class, because I didn’t take ENGL 103. But 103 is the one that my paperwork says I exempted (along with 101/102). So, is that a catch 22? I’m not sure. It’s a tangle, and I get to go visit the English dept, on Monday.

The Chem class (which my friend is sorting out for me) is either because I’m still listed as a PRTM major, from before, or because it doesn’t like non-Chemistry majors. I’m tempted to think the latter.

For now, I’m signed up for a military history class, because the history classes I would’ve liked to take weren’t available at all. Sorry, I don’t want to take Environmental History or History of the U.S. Public Education system. That’s going to pot, and I don’t want to read about the idiots that have been making it so. I will drop the military history class, if I can get into my ENGL or CHEM classes. No offense to military history, but I want to get my basics out of the way.

So, now I’m feeling a little better about this whole class thing, after having one headache-y hour. Not really something I should’ve been nervous about, right? But you see, it’s been 15 years since I did this, and I don’t have very good memories from the first time. I try to keep those bad memories from getting to me, though.

For now, I get to think about how my schedule will have me running back and forth between Hardin Hall and Daniel Hall. Not a bad walk, but no time for delays. I have yet to pick up a Tues/Thurs class, but I may yet iron that one out. Especially if I get an evening Chemistry lab.

You may be wondering whether I’m going to take any elective courses. I have looked at the options, but the ones I would have liked are already full. Like Frisbee Sports or Riflery. Of course, if I want to take any form of dancing or yoga, they’re all available. Maybe I’ll try Ballroom Dancing (no, Jon, Contra isn’t offered this semester), but I have absolutely no interest in Introduction to Belly Dancing. I’ll consider the electives some more, after I get the main stuff that I want.

Thrilling, isn’t it? I hope I won’t scare anyone away with my talk about school, but it will definitely be on my mind, for the next few years. Can’t be helped. I’ll try and mention some other things, occasionally. Hang in there. I’m trying to, so I’m sure you can, also.

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