the last of the magnolias…

I know, I know, you are positively sick of this type of flower. I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to take pictures of any of them, next year. Instead, I’ll go find a tree or flower that I missed out on, and make you sick of that one. Now you have something to look forward to.  : )DSC_0514

I really ought to go see if I can get a good look at the magnolia “fruit”, after the red seeds have developed. They would make a pretty neat contrast to all the white flowers that I’ve been burying you in. DSC_0513But these are the last of the magnolia photos for this year. These were taken outside of Hunter Hall, once more, and as usual, I was wading through the weeds to get some of them. DSC_0516

DSC_0517The pistils and stamens of the magnolia tree are quite interesting, I think. Both to look at in passing, and to photograph (there IS a difference). But right after they dry up, and begin to form the tree’s fruit, they look rather boring, don’t you think? A dash of color is certainly necessary. I’ll try and remember to go look, though I don’t know if visiting the Botanical Gardens will be an option. I heard they had some serious storm damage, this week.DSC_0519

DSC_0521There are still flowers, out and about in the area, but we’ve had so much rain, I don’t know if they’ve rotted, or even if they’ve been beaten off their bushes and trees. For the next week, we should get fried in the sun, but the 90 degree weather and dreadful humidity makes me want to stay inside.DSC_0523

DSC_0526On the other hand, my energy didn’t drain away, when I got home, so maybe I’ll be energetic enough to go photo hunting, on another day. We shall see.DSC_0528DSC_0529

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