sweet sunshine…

The hawk is hanging out in our back yard again. He seems to think that we placed our swing set and volleyball posts there, just for his benefit. And for all the “use” they’ve had in recent years, the vball posts might as well belong to him. We haven’t had a net out there in over ten years, I’m sure. And I seem to recall, many years ago, a local owl taking its turn, hanging out on the backyard perches. But if they’re like any of the people ’round here, they’re all just enjoying the sun. Now that the rain has stopped… again.

I read somewhere that Aussies talk about the weather, all the time, but I don’t remember if that’s true. The weather seems to be a normal kind of subject, no matter where you live. But now I know that we’ve never talked about the weather as much as we have, this summer. I’m not even going to go into talking details about our winter and spring. They must’ve been smoking something, for all the jumble they were in.

But the rain… the endless rain. We’ve seen the sun, in the last few weeks, but every time, we’ve been so surprised that we don’t know what to do about it. And all those that want to trim their backyard jungles, keep hoping that it’ll stay dry for a while. No such luck. The lakes are at flood levels, and they’re going to release some water from the dam spillway, in order to get the lake levels down. I’m sure the people downstream from us will enjoy that.

I talk about many things to the students that come into my workplace, and we mention the weather now and then. Well, we used to. Before the last month, I knew most of the regulars well enough to talk about all sorts of things. But the wetter it go, the more we couldn’t resist the urge… the dreadful urge to gripe about it.

In a way, we really do have reason to gripe. Our poor Western neighbors could really use the rain, but we’re unable to mail it to them. I know I’ve griped about that. If someone could tell me how to pack it up and send it away, I would be grateful.

And the trees. Every storm brings down trees and branches, all over the place. Someone finally reminded me why it’s so dangerous, after all the rain. Because we’ve been in drought for so long, the trees have grown weaker. Now, they have all the water they could want… and the excessive amount of water is loosening up their roots. Huge oak trees come down with one storm, and then another, at the next puff of wind.

Just this last weekend, we had a colossal thunder storm, in the middle of the night, and everyone in town (with the exception of some really heavy sleepers) heard it. If they slept through it, I’ll give ’em brownie points, but I know their friends told them about it. “That storm” (yes, that’s how we all referred to it, all day today) woke me up, and it was frightening to listen to, the lightning and the thunder coming at the exact same time, the windows rattling, the ground shaking…  I am only unnerved by storms when I’m not completely awake, and then I can imagine all sorts of terrible things that might happen. I was sure that our maple tree, or our neighbor’s pine trees were going to uproot and blow through my window, at any second.

I read the weather report, incessantly, though I barely trust it anymore. I don’t think the weathermen even trust themselves, or what they read anymore. They just predict thunderstorms for every day, and don’t mention when the downpours will occur, because they don’t know. Partly, I read the weather report because my co-workers will ask me about it. I have to have an answer, because they think I’ll know.

If I were really being good, I’d also be reading my dictionary, on the side, as well as checking the weather, because one co-worker regularly treats me like his personal dictionary. Kind of like a certain brother of mine, he expects that I’ll be able to define “incorrigible” and… something close to “asinine”, at the drop of a hat (I can’t remember the exact word. It’ll come to me, later.). Of course, I know what these mean, but sometimes explaining them is more difficult than understanding them in context. But it’s nice that someone thinks I’m brilliant, I suppose.

Now, I’m hopefully looking at this week’s weather report, hoping that it’s accurate. Sure, I’m not a fan of the 90 degree weather and oppressive humidity, but beggars can’t be choosers. The words “partly” and “mostly” are starting to be paired with that blissful word “sunshine”. Might it be true? Could they be right? One of these days, we’ll be able to go to the pool again, and other people will be able to break out the lawnmowers.

I know I’m not the only one that will be happy if the sun stays out. Some of my Indian friends have admitted (ruefully, after I comment on their own weather complaints) that their country has a rainy season. Does that mean they’re enjoying this weather any more than we are? Nope. They don’t particularly like their own rainy season, so they’re ready to be done with ours. Amen and amen. Let it be so. And let it go out West, where they truly need it.

P.S. Now that I’ve spent an entire POST talking about the weather, I really don’t want to talk about it, ever again. Well, not for a while. I’ve even made a game of it, at work, trying to not talk about the weather, nor take the bait when someone else mentions it. It is very difficult. I vote we forget the weather exists, for at least a week or two.

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