the berries are in…

The berries are in season, at The Happy Berry! Located in Six Mile, South Carolina, our family goes to this location for our blackberries and blueberries, every year. I remember berrying there when I was a child… probably on Saturday mornings when I didn’t want to be up.DSC_0618

Wait a minute, I still don’t want to be up, if I go there on a Saturday morning, now. But I still go, now and then.DSC_0620

My dad and brother found some free time to go out there during the week, and so my mom and I came home to a counter covered in blackberries. They got a few blueberries, too, but not so many because they’re not quite out in force, yet. Or they’d been picked over. In another week or so, there’ll be millions and billions for everyone.DSC_0621

If I remember correctly, The Happy Berry also grows grapes, figs, raspberries, and some other kinds of fruit, but they don’t have as many bushes as they do blueberries. My brother came back completely scratched up from fighting his way into the blackberry bushes.DSC_0622

And, of course, they taste scrumptious! I hope you have a local berry farm to visit during the summer, or if you’re local, we can direct you to Six Mile, or bring you with us to go picking. Enjoy the wonderfulness of the berries, while they last! Or do as we do, and pick tons in order to freeze and eat all year long.DSC_0624

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