lilies of the campus…

As I made my way back from Sikes Hall on that sunshiny day, I stopped to admire some colorful lilies. I’m standing just short of the four-way stop by Sikes, the Carillon Garden, and Bowman Field, so if you look carefully, you may see a sign pointing towards Tillman Hall. That makeshift sign is there for parents bringing their kids in for orientation and other summer activities on campus.DSC_0564

DSC_0566After taking these photos, I began to experiment with Picasa’s “1960’s” setting. I hadn’t realized that I could keep the rounded corners, but not have so heavy a fade on the photo. The colors of these lilies are quite lovely, I was just aiming to “dim” the brightness, if that can be done.  : )DSC_0567

My original intent was to take a few pictures of some brightly colored flowers, planted below Tillman Hall. But I found that once you were up close, they didn’t look so good, after several rainstorms. They were better enjoyed at a distance. And at that point, it was so hot that I didn’t even think about backtracking to take a photo of the entire floral effect.DSC_0569

DSC_0571I hope you’ll enjoy these pics, while I use some of my weekend to catch up on a few blog posts involving vanilla beans, a fallen tree, and several other random things. And for all my new readers, thanks for following along!DSC_0572DSC_0573

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