echoes from my childhood…

Unintentionally, my timing was excellent. Once I had moved all of my things downstairs, into my new bedroom, I went up and took some photos of the empty room. There’s a strange sound and feel to an almost empty room, especially when it has a wooden floor. It echoes your footsteps, even when they aren’t loud. I think it has something to do with there being no furniture to weigh it down further.DSC_0252

The ivy wallpaper had been there since I was in my early teens, when I got to pick it out for myself. Green has been one of my favorite colors, ever since I made the change from my early favorites (pink & purple, of course). I still remember choosing it out of the wallpaper book, and even then, I was unable to picture what the end result would be. Thankfully, the book had pictures of a room with window borders, which is how my parents eventually papered it to look. They knew how it would look, but I just feasted my eyes on the catalog, certain that my parents could make it look just that wonderful… and better, probably.DSC_0253

DSC_0255Of course, my childhood bedroom had a tan carpet, and white furniture, unlike in these pictures. But my white bed is still in storage, my old white dresser was retired for a new set from Pier 1, and the white lace curtains are… I don’t know where they are. The full-length mirror on the closet door is still there, though. I don’t know how many times the screws, which hold it to the door, worked themselves loose, and I would set them in a different spot. Hence, the silver star stickers that cover several sets of holes.DSC_0256

DSC_0257Once upon a time, I think a friend gave me those glow-in-the-dark stars for a birthday present. They’ve been on the closet door, ever since, though I’ve had to re-tape some of them, at least once. I had never needed a night light, and that wasn’t my purpose for putting them there, but even now that I’m in my 30’s, my room was never pitch dark with those stars there.DSC_0258

The reason I had excellent timing is that the day after I took those pictures, more furniture was moved into that room. And then, within two days, the work on removing the wallpaper began. I know I have other pictures of my room, somewhere, in all of it’s glorious green-and-white-and-carpeted state, but still have to transfer them to the computer.DSC_0259

I would have participated in the wallpaper stripping, but as you know, I’ve been working day in and day out (when not at work) on a baby blanket, with the intention of helping as soon as I completed it. Well, I can now say that the walls have been completely stripped, because the other workers had plenty of spare time. The shelf was removed in order to do this, and the holes in the walls have been spackled.DSC_0260

It looks very white in there, and altogether different than when I was younger.In a way, that makes it less my room than when I first moved out of it, to move to Pennsylvania. I spent almost six years away, but even when I came home to find my older brother living in “my room”, it was still MY room. Even all that computer equipment couldn’t make it a guy’s room, with that wallpaper.DSC_0262

I have no idea what the plan is for painting and such, for that room, but maybe I’ll let you know, when they’ve finished it. I’m just glad to be able to remember what it used to look like, back when I was still bringing friends and cousins over for sleepovers, and keeping my parents awake, as we talked until midnight.  : )DSC_0263

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