yarn over my brain…

I’ve got to finish this blanket. The intended recipient has already arrived on the scene, though I haven’t met her yet. I have two rounds on the border to do, to finish this baby blanket, and then I can work on tying off the loose ends.DSC_0578

Once I’ve finished it, I can think of other things again! Like editing photos, writing blogs… and helping my parents finish stripping the wallpaper from my old room. I have pictures from before that started, too. Bits of my childhood are being ripped from the walls.DSC_0580

DSC_0582Anyway… here’s how the blanket looks, with two more rows of do-dads to add to those ripples. It’s not quite as big as MY bedspread, but then we don’t want the baby to disappear, when she’s wrapped in it, now do we? Hang in there, my fingers are getting tired of all this nonstop crocheting, my eyes are protesting staring at the endless white, and my ears are getting tired of listening to my audio book. DSC_0583

If I could figure out where my “real” copy of Doomwyte was, I’d be finishing it the normal way, I assure you! But since I can’t, I have two hours left to listen to, and yes, the full cast is exceptional. But those two hours should be enough time to finish the last two rounds of the blanket.DSC_0584

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