the pathways of clemson…

The sun was out, and I was finished with flowers. Well, for the time being. Having driven by the Carillon Garden every day for who knows how long, it occurred to me that certain of my past haunts would now be loaded down with green. How different would the leaves on the trees look from the bareness of the winter branches?DSC_0083

DSC_0084As soon as I reached Brackett, I veered down the North Garden walkway, heading to get a good view of the Cooper Library. The fountains were shooting sky-high out of the Reflecting Pond. Mind you, I don’t see how it can reflect much, with the constant spray from those waterspouts going upward.DSC_0085

DSC_0086I just read that they clean that pond, once a year, and after it’s clean, students will sometimes go swimming in it. I think it’s on the bucket list of stuff you’re supposed to do, as a college student. Not sure I would want to swim in it, just the same, even if they had just cleaned it.DSC_0087

DSC_0088I kept meandering toward the water, noticing that there weren’t many flowers blooming nearby. Just lots of green leaves, and the grass is starting to become green again, with all the rain we’ve been getting.DSC_0098

DSC_0099When I reached the path, below Hardin, that approached closely to the pond, I slowed down. It had occurred to me that if it was at all windy, my camera would be in danger of getting sprayed. I wasn’t worried about getting myself wet, of course, as it was a very hot and sunny day, but I won’t ruin my camera, just to get a good picture.DSC_0100

DSC_0101Sure enough, as soon as I was out from amongst the trees, I put my camera behind my back, and watched as a gust of wind threw a wave of spray in my direction. Coming from the top of the waterspout, you could see it slowly wending its way towards you, through the air. DSC_0102

DSC_0103It was both odd and fascinating to see that water spray coming towards me. Then I moved fast, to protect my camera from the next one. I’ll save a trip around the pond for another day, when it isn’t windy.DSC_0112

DSC_0113Up above Hardin, I crossed the street and walked down the path towards Riggs. Then, I remembered how the last time I took pictures of that location, you could see Riggs through the trees, because there were no leaves.DSC_0114

DSC_0115And what would the walk back to my car be like without stopping to notice that strange solitary tree in front of Sirrine?DSC_0119

And the statue between Hunter and Sirrine, which I almost always identify as a dancer, now, unless I’m specifically looking for the microscope. I think I have pictures of it under white spring blossoms and bare branches, but not under the green leaves of the trees.                 DSC_0121 DSC_0122

3 thoughts on “the pathways of clemson…

  1. The walk to Riggs brings back memories! I graduated ECE in 1985 and walked that path many times. Thanks for a great site – it’s making me a bit nostalgic.

  2. Thanks for the pics of the walkway to Riggs! I graduated ECE in 1985 and made that walk many times. Great site, it’s making me a bit nostalgic since I haven’t been back to campus in a while…

  3. Rachel,

    I stumbled across your photography while doing some photo research for a Canvas workgroup I’m putting together at Cooper Library. I wanted to know if you would grant me permission to use one of the photos you snapped of the Library, as I think it would make a brilliant homepage design for my project. Feel free to write me back via email if you are interested.

    Warmest regards,

    Rodger E. Bishop II
    Library Specialist
    Cooper Library
    Clemson University

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