shades of agnes…

Usually, my workplace is for grownups, or those that think they’re grownups. Being a college campus, regular customers will be anywhere from 18 to… whatever age the professors are. Of course, when prospective college students are visiting, the age average drops, but for the most part, children don’t come through.

But every once in a while, my life becomes even more fun and interesting, when a professor will bring their kid in with them. One funny memory involves a little girl walking in, during the winter, wearing shorts and a t-shirt… and no coat. We looked outside, and we looked at her. No accompanying grownup, and was she crazy to be out in that weather, dressed like that? Turns out, she was a “regular”, as her mom taught in a neighboring building, and had let her feel grownup by going to get a snack for herself. When the heat’s turned up in the office, and you can run in and out, between buildings, who needs a coat?

One time, a prof brought his beautiful daughter in with her, but she was unimpressed by the cafe. Frowning heavily, and tugging on his arm, she informed him, “Daddy, it’s BORING here!”. You’ll be shocked to know that I laughed.

Past performances have been knocked all hollow, though. Today, a couple brought in their little girl, and wasn’t she just full of attitude! From across the room, I could see her hand on her hip, holding that pose that says she knows what’s what. Her long black pigtails flipped back and forth, as she looked around the room, while she hung on to a can of soda she had brought in with her. I figure she was steadily shaking it up, even though she probably didn’t mean to.

But when their family arrived at the register, she was getting some of our Hickory Hills milk, which you have to shake up, because it’s pasteurized but not homogenized. It’s really good whole milk, and some of the college students swear by the chocolate milk, but we were out of that. The reminder to shake it up is handy, though, because occasionally, someone will bring it back, thinking that the milk has gone back. No, sir, that’s just the thick cream in the top, until you homogenize it yourself.

The little girl had passed her soda to someone else, and grabbed the milk. In a voice rough with emotion, and just a few shades south of Agnes’ voice when she said “IT’S SO FLUFFY!!” (please tell me you know your Despicable Me!?), this child informed me that she LOVED this milk! She LOVED the BUTTER in it and it was SO GOOD! She continued to shake it, the whole time, while she was speaking. And I kept from laughing until after they left. Of course, it isn’t really “butter” in the milk, just cream, but who cares?  She LOVES that milk!

Every time a child comes through my cafe, I remember how much fun they are. Sure, they’re hard work, but they never run short on hilarious things to say and do. And after the endless stream of monotonous undergrads, kids are definitely more interesting than they are.


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