of roses & dewflowers…

These were taken some time ago, in the front garden. If you remember my pictures of the budding roses that were only beginning to open, this is the beautiful version of the end result. Eventually, they get dried out and bedraggled in the sun and rain. I tend to forget that roses naturally look like this, at some point, on the bush, because I’m so used to see the long-stemmed variety in the florist shops. DSC_0240

DSC_0242As for these purple beauties, I think they’re called either dewflowers or vygies. That second name sounds really strange to me, but you can look it up, see what you find. If you search “purple-flowered succulents”, the search engines still think you’re looking for cactus plants that are purple, instead of green. Um, no. This type of succulent comes from a family with a long, unpronounceable name, better known as “ice plants”. Now, THAT is a cool name, don’t you think? No pun intended.DSC_0245

DSC_0255Speaking of puns, if you’re ever in doubt of my opinion, I dislike puns and love a good play on words. There’s a difference. Look for them in my blog post titles.  : )DSC_0249DSC_0246

P.S. I just found out that my mom refers to these purple blooms as ice flowers. So, there seem to be many names for these.  DSC_0251

4 thoughts on “of roses & dewflowers…

      • I’m amazed at how good of pictures my iPhone takes….actually better pictures than my Canon Powershot. And the camera phone technology seems to be getting better and better.

        • I’ll always have a soft spot for my Canon PowerShot cameras. I’ve had more than one, I think. But I fell in love with how my cousin’s Nikon took pictures, which is why I upgraded to my digital SLR, before leaving for AUS. And I must say, going back to having to look through the viewfinder, really changed how I looked at my photos. When you’re looking at the screen on the back of a “point-and-shoot”, you don’t concentrate on the details. Seeing up close what I was really photographing, made me rethink how to take them. And, of course, when you’re taking photos for a blog, and you WANT people to see it like you do, then you put more thought into how you take pictures, and how you edit. There’s a huge difference in my pictures, just in the last few years, and I credit it to using my DSLR and writing my blog.

          But I have some friends who take great instagram pics, and it makes me wish I had a good camera phone to carry in my purse. But it’ll be a while before I upgrade. : )

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