yep, they got me…

My boss is probably still shuddering, knowing how close his employees came to giving the game away. But since I wasn’t really paying attention (though I should’ve been), everything worked out. It was a really slow Friday, and the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend, so you’ll understand that customers were coming in at a snail’s pace.

About an two hours before closing time, my co-worker came over to me and said, “What’s he got there?”, referring to something my boss had on his person. I looked around, but hadn’t noticed anything. Then he asked, “He usually only gets those when someone has a birthday! Do you know who has a birthday?”.

This time, I thought to myself that my birthday was a few weeks ago, so it wasn’t mine. And he must’ve been suggesting my boss had come in with some kind of dessert. But again, I hadn’t seen anything, and I wasn’t really paying close attention. My co-worker does get hyped up about random things, sometimes. My ears should have perked up, though.

An hour before closing time, I had a minute to wipe some tables, so I picked up my spray bottle and towel, and headed for the front room. At the same time I sensed people behind me, I heard my boss say, “Ready?”, and turned to see him with a funny grin on his face, and a huge pizza-sized cookie in his hands. Oh.DSC_0891

So, they sang me Happy Birthday, and no, I didn’t freak out on them. Thankfully, there were only one or two customers in the room and I only have a couple of co-workers, during the summer. If they had done this to me while there was a crowd there, a few weeks ago, I would have been really embarrassed. As it was, I had an odd smile on my face, because I had connected the dots over Napoleon had asked me, earlier, and now I was trying to keep from laughing.DSC_0893

When I related how Pol had almost given it away, my boss told me how when he entered the building, our deli guy said “Cookie!”, really loudly, at the sight of him. He face-palmed himself, mentally, at how everyone was trying to give away the surprise. But with a molasses-slow day on our hands, I was paying more attention to whether the front sitting area was clean and were all the coffee pots full?

Now, even though my co-workers all had some of the cookie, there was a lot left, and I really wished that most of the grad students weren’t away for the day. There’s a certain group that comes in regularly, near closing time, and if they’d been in their lab today, I would have taken them most of that cookie. Well, after I got off work. Unfortunately, they were either away, or I didn’t know the right phone numbers, so I had to take most of the cookie home with me. I know, you’re thinking that’s a great thing, but it isn’t when you’re trying to eat right. But at least I tried.  : )DSC_0894

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