i’m at seabrook…

As you read this, on a (hopefully) sunny morning, wherever you are, I’m probably eating a splendid breakfast in the camp dining hall. Not just any dining hall, because this camp & conference center has a CHEF. If I’m not eating scrambled eggs, grits, or French toast, I might be wading in the ocean, before heading to the morning meeting. You never know. Depends on what time you’re reading this. DSC_0247

If I’m on the beach, maybe there will be dolphins close enough to shore that I could get some good pictures of them. Someday, I’m going to get a longer zoom lens for my Nikon, so I can get closeups of dolphins in and pelicans on the water. DSC_0301

When I’m in the chapel, I will be sitting with some of my best friends in the world, singing our hearts out, before the meeting begins. The weather is supposed to be HOT, so we’ll probably have the air conditioning blasting inside, requiring all the girls to bring jackets or pashmina scarves to wrap up in. DSC_0336

If you’re reading this on Saturday afternoon, I am definitely running around on the beach, in my water shoes, throwing a frisbee. Or playing volleyball, and picking the sand spurs out of the ball, every time it gets hit into the weeds. Or swimming in the ocean, because the weather is supposed to be glorious! And not wearing sunscreen, because I never do.DSC_0349

And if you’re reading this late in the evening, I will be sitting on the bleachers, by the campfire, playing my guitar. The stars will be shining over our heads, and hopefully, there won’t be any clouds for them to hide behind. We’ll go beachwalking, argue over the constellations, and jump up and down like little kids, when we see a shooting star. I always seem to miss them, because I’m never looking in the right direction.DSC_0415

I wish you could all be here, so since you can’t, you have something to look forward to, when I return. I’ll have pictures and a story or two to tell! Oh, and before someone gets after me, I wrote this on Thursday, and I definitely screwed up all my tenses. I’m pretty sure I went back and forth between past, present, and future, but I’m not going to try and correct myself anymore. Grammar-phobes, beware!DSC_0480

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