looking forward to the sun…

I can still see the rain coming down, out the window, but already it’s starting to let up and the sun is shining through. The freshly mowed grass and the new leaves on the maple tree are already showing a brighter green. Even clouds can’t keep the sun at bay, forever.DSC_0173

After the last week or three, the lakes are filling up, but I no longer trust the weatherman. Yes, I know that some of you never have trusted the weather people, but I tend to just check the report and figure they must know, somehow. But they’ve been SO off, recently. SUN! No, rain! No, sun! No, wait, what comes in-between again? My main hope is that after all this rain that has gotten us well away from any sign of drought, it will be rained OUT for a while. At least long enough for me to go to the beach, and have the sun come with me.DSC_0207

My two best friends haven’t been attending our Seabrook conference for as many years as I have (15 years). So, I assured them that we never have two cold and rainy May conferences in a row. We rarely have any that aren’t sunny and hot. But I was wrong, and two of the last three were not nice weather. So, this one has to be HOT and SUNNY!

I’ve been stalking the weather report, even though I don’t trust them anymore. It gives me hope that they’ll be right, once again. Whatever they were on that messed up their reporting, they’ll get over it. Or off it.DSC_0166



I want to be able to run up and down the boardwalk, in the sunshine, without an umbrella. I want to be able to play Ultimate Frisbee on the beach, and go swimming in the ocean. I want to be able to see the stars, when we go beach-walking at night, with no clouds to make us feel claustrophobic. I want to be able to turn on the air-conditioning in the chapel and our cabins, not the heater. I want to be able to take lots of great Sunday photos, of everyone in their nice Sunday clothes, with sunny blue skies for a backdrop. Wouldn’t you?



Also, I would like a beautiful warm Saturday night to have a campfire, where I won’t freeze to death between songs, because I can’t play guitar with a jacket or gloves on. And where everyone won’t have to huddle so close to the fire that it blocks the heat coming to everyone else. This isn’t supposed to happen in May.

Anyway, I’m praying for sunshine and warm weather, and counting down the days until I leave for Charleston and Seabrook Island. If the weather report is correct, I’ll get enough sunshine between then and now, to get a decent tan before leaving. Have a great week!


I want this kind of weather back.

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