sitting in a tree…

I ate lunch in that tree, once. Of course, I’ve yet to have the nerve to climb higher, because I’m afraid I’ll get caught by someone official… or because the branches look a little tricky, I might fall or rip my clothes. Just what I want, to have someone call an ambulance because some crazy girl fell out of a tree, on campus. DSC_0728

DSC_0733Hey, you never know. I’m just enough of a pessimist to figure I’d fall out of a tree for the very first time, just when I didn’t want to be caught at it. DSC_0735

But this time, I was waiting to visit with a friend (in a building, not in the tree), but they were running late, so I found my favorite tree branch, and took a seat. There’s even a nice spot where another branch broke off that I could hang my purse on. Which is a good thing, because this particular branch isn’t completely rounded, it’s like a tube that has a pointy ridge on top of it, making it a little more difficult to balance. I don’t need to be balancing my purse on my shoulder, when I’m trying to keep my body balanced enough to not tip off. But since it’s low to the ground and shady, it’s a lovely spot.DSC_0958

DSC_0960Over the last few weeks, I had noticed that a sort of pod was growing on the end of the magnolia tree branches, so I was curious to see if they were the early versions of the flowers or seed pods (or whatever you call them), but I really did think it was a bit early for that. So, the first few pics were taken before they began to open.DSC_0962

DSC_0964Then, on the day I was making myself comfortable in the tree, I had also wandered around to see that these funky looking “pods” were new leaves. You can see the shiny new green, just as they begin to untwist. And when they’ve unfolded, it’s hard to believe that they’ll ever grow as big as the rest of the leaves. But they will, of course.DSC_0970

DSC_0972The black-and-white photo is of the tree trunk, stretching up high above my head. The long branch with the green shoots coming out of it, straight up, is the branch I was sitting on. DSC_0975

DSC_0978I suppose if anyone’s familiar with the trees on Clemson’s campus, they could probably figure out where I was. DSC_0979DSC_0980And, as you can see, I was even curious about the look of the bark and where older branches used to be. Of course, my curiosity was helped by the knowledge that this tree wasn’t crawling with ants or other insects, like many trees usually are. That’ll deter me from getting close to any tree, but this one was bug-free. DSC_0984

DSC_0985P.S. And yes, after I came up with the title of this post, a certain song came to mind. It even made me laugh, when I thought of it. But if you’re singing it to yourself, right now, don’t be silly. I was all by myself in that tree.  : PDSC_0991

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