facebook is for friends…

Since it’s my birthday, I suppose I should have something profound and/or brilliant to say. But I don’t. And you know what? That’s just fine.

I woke up to lots of messages from my friends, and what could be more splendid than that? And they just keep coming. We often complain about FB and its quirks, but this is one thing about FB that I love, being able to hear from 10 million friends, all in one go. Even if I do have to highlight individual messages, in order to see them all individually.  : )

It is a day that the weather report is now promising to be sunny, though originally it was going to be cloudy, so I’m waiting to see if they’re right. We have no big plans except for chicken and dumplings for dinner, and I’m going to make a pavlova. Last time, it was a meringue, I think because it didn’t have white vinegar? I forget. But this time it is GOING to be a pavlova.

But for everyone who has wished me a wonderful day, it will come true. I know it, because I’m at home with my wonderful family (ok, I wish they were ALL here), and the joys of the internet keeps me connected to my dear friends, who love me, too. It’s a nice feeling. I love you, too!

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