one twisted tree…

I don’t know why I like this tree so much. I still don’t know what kind it is. If I google “twisted trees”, I get pictures of everything except this one. It’s very sad. But meanwhile, I take pictures of it. Enjoy.DSC_0739  DSC_0741 DSC_0742

The ends of the branches have leaves, but they’re less interesting than the little new branches that grow out of the “bony” old branches. Stark bareness, with new life growing from them.DSC_0744DSC_0746DSC_0740

2 thoughts on “one twisted tree…

    • Yes, I think my parents informed me what it was, shortly after I posted that. But still, a very fascinating type of tree, if you look at some of them up close. This particular one is still a favorite of mine, because it stands by itself, rather than in a row of them. And it keeps getting “twistier”. 🙂

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