photography in the rain…

After several days of rain, I discovered that some more irises had bloomed, but the rain had attempted to pulverize them. I took a few photos, but only liked the ones that I took from above them.DSC_0884

DSC_0886With my workplace closed for a week, I was looking forward to working on my tan, but the weather report isn’t cooperating. Rain, rain, rain, and then possible thunderstorms. DSC_0896DSC_0894

DSC_0899When I got home from the gym today, I noticed that some yellow irises in the back yard had bloomed. As soon as I saw them, I realized that in a few more days, they would look as downtrodden as the purple and white ones in the front garden.DSC_0901DSC_0900

DSC_0904Fetching my umbrella and tromping through the wet grass, carefully balancing my camera, so that I didn’t get it wet… that was a first for me. I still remember having my old Canon Powershot go screwball because I got it a little wet, by accident, when I was at the beach in Australia. Fortunately, it came back to life, later. But messing up my Nikon is NOT in the game plan.DSC_0902

These yellow beauties were enjoying the beginning of the rain, and it wasn’t raining too hard, yet. I managed to balance the umbrella and camera, sufficient for my purposes.DSC_0906

DSC_0908I really liked the white ones, though there weren’t many. And the droplets just trembling on the edges of the petals… beautiful. DSC_0909

DSC_0913When I went around the front of the house, I was sidetracked into looking at the azaleas, but they didn’t look very pretty in the rain. They bloomed some time ago, and won’t hold up much longer. The pink ones I photographed a week or so ago, those are long gone, too.DSC_0914

DSC_0916The black-and-white photos is of buttercups, where the yellow doesn’t seem to light up against the green as well as with the irises. But the petunias, which had reseeded from my mom’s hanging flower pots, those seemed to be holding up, and their colors show nicely.DSC_0924DSC_0922

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