a vegemite kick…

I’ve been eating my Vegemite, a bit at a time… but last week, I dug it out and I’ve been devouring it. Maybe it didn’t help that when I came down with my cold, I wasn’t able to tell myself to eat quite so healthily as I usually do. Breakfast is not usually homemade toast and bagels, I try and cut back on the carbs. But butter and Vegemite have just been calling my name.DSC_0890

And when the new batch of freshly made, still warm, homemade bread appeared on the counter, I knew what I was having for dinner. Occasionally, I put on too much Vegemite, and I get quite a kick to my meal. But the more often I eat it, the stronger I can handle it. And it’s so yummy.. No one else in this house ever had a reason to develop a taste for it, though, so I don’t have to share. Ha HA. You could say my time in Australia was well-spent.DSC_0891

This morning, my brother walked by and saw what I was eating, and asked if it was cinnamon on my bread. I should have made him try it, just to see his reaction to the unexpected. Oh, don’t worry, I have had them try it before, but not recently. But soon, I’ll go back to a bit less bread, and a bit less Vegemite. But Australia, it makes me think of you.

Now, how about some Russian Caravan tea to go with it? So long, I have tea to brew.

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