i almost started a style, once…

When my friends think of style, they don’t think of me. Which isn’t to say I look like a frump, but I don’t follow trends, and I lean more towards comfort than looking cool. Besides, cool is more of an attitude. I have friends and cousins who look fabulous in whatever they throw on, and it’s all because of how they wear it, not because of what they wear.

Nevertheless, once upon a time, I received several compliments on the coolness of my watch. They wanted to know where I had gotten it, because maybe they were thinking about whether they could get a trendy one for themselves. Probably in a more feminine style than the big clonking watches that I usually wear. But for a moment or two, I felt the thrill of how a trend could start. Of course, it being me, it didn’t.

You’ve heard me talk about the type of watches I like to wear. You’ve seen the pictures. At the moment, I’m back to wearing my orange Casio, which I’ve probably been wearing for somewhere between 6-8 years, not including this past year when the band was broken, and I couldn’t afford a new one. Since I bought this one, I’ve had the entire watch replaced once, at no charge except shipping, and the watch band replaced twice. So, yeah, I put some mileage into these timepieces.

I’m narrowing down when I had another watch… maybe it was back in ’06. Instead of a rubber watch band, it was metal. Of course, it was big and clonky. No, not clunky. I clonk them into things, all the time, and they make a noise when they hit, because my watches are never small. So, my watch was big, clonky, water-proof, and shock-proof. But after some time, I found that it wasn’t corrosion-proof.

Between the watch band (which was replaceable) and the watch face, right under the pins, the sweat from my hand and run-ins with cleaning supplies had started to corrode the metal. In order to get these big guy-watches that are impossible to break or bust, I usually pay more than a minimal cost, so I rarely want to pay money to replace one. But what to do, when this part of the watch couldn’t be replaced?

If there’s a solution to a problem, in a cheaper fashion, I will find it. Whether it’s hammering a nail into a wall with a rock, using pieces of cardboard to balance a table, or using black duct tape to cover sharp edges on a counter top, I’ll figure it out. Of course, I have worked for people with little common sense who think I’m brilliant, but rather than get a swelled head, I just figure that common sense is an excellent thing. And being low-maintenance isn’t bad, either.

I took some cheap bandanas, you know, the navy and white (or red and white) varieties, and cut them up into a small “H” shape, but with a wide piece for the middle of the “H”. Wide enough to fit under the watch face, and long enough on the “legs” to wrap around each side of the watch. Then, using a combination of miniature safety pins, knots, and/or super glue (which works fabulously on fabric), I tied those bits of bandana onto the underside of my watch.

And, of course, over time, the edges frayed, and began to give my watch a really cool look. When the first fix-it job fell off, I replaced it with a different color bandana, and those edges began to fray, as well. My friends wanted to know where I got such a funky looking watch. Being the helpful person I am, I explained the delightful aspect that corrosion and sweat had played in the creation of this phenomenal style, and caused all my friends to laugh.

I don’t think any of them ever tried the bandana wraps on their own watches, but since most of my girl pals wear pretty little delicate watches that don’t hold up to anything, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I almost caused people to think about following my “trend”, for once in my life, and that was enough for me. Eventually, I did have to give up on my old watch, but I don’t remember if it was because I ran out of bandanas, or because the battery died again.

If I’m lucky, my Casio watch will last me for another ten years. I give it a break, on Sundays, I promise! I wear a proper, sparkly watch bracelet, which I bought for my Bahamas cruise. I really do know how to dress up. And don’t misunderstand! I’m a girl that loves to dress up, and I even wear jewelry with my work clothes (have to get over that awful work shirt, somehow). But I will still prefer a watch that can stand up to the beatings I give it. I’d waste a lot of money, otherwise.

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