4 states of cousins…

I know, I know, I’m behind on this post. Meant to put it up earlier this week, but didn’t have the time. Then, I planned to work on it over the weekend… and came down with a cold. But I think that power nap and some more turkey soup helped, so let’s get to it.DSC_0448

DSC_0440We were so excited to have family coming to visit. They arrived on a Sunday evening, when we were able to enjoy their company, along with turkey soup, homemade bread, and cookies. The little Cutie-pie and I had fun playing under the table, as well. DSC_0443

DSC_0449One time, I pointed at the leg of the table, and asked if that was a table. She shook her head, pointed straight up, and said “Up there!”. But my favorite was when I threatened to steal her nose, she she crawled around under the table, with her nose covered. She even said “Cheese!” from behind her hand, because who knows? Aunt Rachel might still try and steal it.DSC_0464

DSC_0472What evening could be complete without a pillow fight with your obliging uncle? He also makes a comfy chair, when you’re ready to snuggle up and drink your bottle before bed.DSC_0477

DSC_0480The next day was odd for me. I didn’t want to take the entire day off, so I switched shifts with another cashier, and opened at the cafe. Then, I left at lunchtime, in the brilliant sunshine. After arriving home to a houseful of family and my mom serving up a splendid lunch of homemade turkey divan, rice, and fruit, I had a hard time remembering that I had even been AT work before that. The next day, I would be tempted to ask customers how their weekend was, because I kept forgetting it was Tuesday.DSC_0483

DSC_0486By this time, four states were represented in our house (KY, MD, GA, SC). We do manage to spread out, don’t we?DSC_0500

After more playing under the table, getting a new dress, and dancing to the music of a birthday card, we went out into the sunshine.DSC_0502

DSC_0507We swung on the “wheee!”, played peekaboo in Aunt Shannon’s hammock (and practiced “flailing”), and soaked up the sun. On one walk up to to see Grandma, we stopped to attempt a selfie, but the little Cutie-pie wasn’t too cooperative. Too many exciting things were happening out back.DSC_0516

DSC_0542DSC_0549I was holding her when a  caterpillar was discovered for her to look at, so I handed the kiddo off as quickly as possible. I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan of caterpillars, and didn’t want it crawling over to me, so I took pictures instead. That caterpillar (which she was very gentle with) provided at least 15 minutes of entertainment. DSC_0593

DSC_0599DSC_0610We finished out the afternoon by getting some group photos out front. I don’t think all the ones of me were too good, but I forget to even look at myself when I see the faces that little Munchkin was making. And whenever she attempted to take a self-portrait of herself, she would practically put the lens up her nose, so she didn’t get any good ones.  : )DSC_0658

DSC_0673And if you really want a great photo shoot, then there’s a motorcycle or two to try out. DSC_0686

DSC_0695It was a very short visit, but since we don’t get to see everybody often enough, we enjoyed every minute of it. DSC_0717

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