a day for klutzes…

I take it back. Every complaint I’ve ever made against any college student and their clumsiness, I take it back. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a day for “if it rains, it pours”, but today was one of those. I am not a klutz, generally, but we’ve all had those days where all the little things seem to go wrong, so you keep expecting that big something to happen, too.

And for anyone who wants to argue about whether I’m a klutz, after reading this post, let me remind you that I have excellent hand-to-eye coordination, which is why I can probably kick your butt at Ultimate Frisbee. I can send a Frisbee wherever I want it, and catch almost any disc you throw at me, with either hand. So there. But my eye-to-foot coordination isn’t so great, so I’m no good at soccer.

It was actually a good day at work. It being Friday, we were all in good moods, and though I’m not as keen on Friday as some people, I was still in a great mood. Probably because I got my Spring Jubilee bracelet in the mail (and was wearing it) and we were still getting a kick out of the story of a certain professor getting his car towed. And to make it even better, every grad student in his department seemed to think it hilarious, as well.

Not long after I arrived, my supervisor was trying to call in an order, while squatting by the phone, behind the register. I came to stand by her, and managed to bump her enough that she almost fell over. Amidst my apologies, she joked that I was trying to get her sent home early, presumably from injuries. A few minutes later, my neighboring cashier reached under the register for something, and I almost elbowed her in the face.

Something must’ve been in the air. Whenever the other cashier reached under the register for anything, I tried to hit her with my register drawer or bump her. Or maybe we were just joking about it more than usual, because we’re always accidentally elbowing each other. Then, I knocked my coffee cup off my register, when I shouldn’t have left it there in the first place. Thankfully, it was almost empty and had a lid on, so very little spilled. The joke was off and running that I was trying to see how many people or items I could drop or damage. Oops.

My luck was not in, today. Though I went and hid after a certain teacher showed up, causing hilarity amongst my co-workers, he came in more than once, and I had to give in to the inevitable. Which made everyone want to laugh. You know how when someone is talking and talking, and you can’t get them to stop, you do a lot of nodding and agreeing with them? The other cashiers almost cracked their faces, trying not to laugh, when I was doing that to the prof, the other day. Maybe you had to be there.

I continued to drop things, though nothing breakable or spillable (is that a word?), so when I was left as the only cashier, for the rest of the day, who knew that it was about to get worse?

My supervisor wanted to know how long the chocolate almond coffee had been in the pot, and once I added it up, I decided I needed to brew some fresh coffee. Usually, we have so many coffee customers, we fill it up regularly. Because it was warm outside, I decided to make iced coffee, because unlike my co-workers, I’m always warm, even when they’re freezing.

We don’t need any special ingredients for iced coffee. I just mix up sweetener and creamer in the bottom of a cup, add lots of ice, and then pour in the flavored coffee. Stir it up until it’s cold, and then fill the cup up the rest of the way with coffee. Usually, I have the sugar and creamer measures just right, but this time, the coffee tasted strong, so I went back for more sweetener. Then, I picked up the half-and-half container… and knocked my coffee cup over.

You should have seen this. I may not have covered the entire counter with coffee, but I hit everything else. The floor, the front of the cupboard, the cups, even the rolled up floor mat that was right beside the coffee area. It was even the side of the roll of carpet that sent coffee INSIDE the carpet roll. All I could do was gape at the mess I’d made… and then two grad students walked around the corner.

My facial expression must’ve been ludicrous. To their credit, they didn’t laugh, but maybe they still had chemistry on the brain. I know that I would’ve laughed at my expression, if I could have seen it. So, while they made their own iced coffee, at my recommendation, I mopped up the floor and counter, and then discovered the coffee had gone INSIDE the cupboard. Great. I cleaned that out, too, and told my supervisor to go away when she came over to comment (really, she just wanted to rub it in).  : )

Since I couldn’t just melt into a puddle of embarrassment, or sit down on the ground and laugh like crazy, I kept cleaning up the mess. I promise you, I really saw the funny side of this, I was just embarrassed at being caught in the middle of it. Wished a few of my friends could’ve been there, because they would’ve laughed, too.

At this point, I wanted the day to be over, because everything seemed to be escalating. Then, after we locked the front doors, and I went into the pot sink area to wash up some more items, I set another coffee canister by the sink to drain, and then walked away. CRASH!! I cringed, and turned to see what had happened. And then hollered down the way that this one wasn’t my fault, this time. Really, it wasn’t! Our borrowed pot sink guy had put one empty canister on top of a dish rack, which caused it to topple off and hit the full coffee canister. Fortunately, they both ended up in the sink, instead of on the floor.

When my manager came in, a few minutes, I apologized in advance, in case anything else went wrong. His expression was pretty funny, wondering what else had happened before that. Thankfully, aside from dropping a few unbreakable items, nothing else went wrong. I hurried from the building and to my car, praying I’d get home in one piece. Why did everything seem to go wrong? No idea. It wasn’t even a bad day, as I said, but the escalation of events was bothering me, by the end of it.

But don’t worry, it’ll make a great story, next week, in person. I even left a note for Anita, reminding her to ask me about my Friday afternoon without her. If you come by the cafe, I’ll probably have her laughing so hard she cries. I’m good at keeping my co-workers in stitches. Some of them think that I’m just “acting crazy today”. What would they think if they knew that this was my normal behavior? Not the klutz stuff, my enjoyment of keeping everyone laughing because of my strange sense of the ridiculous. If they only knew.

Oh well, here comes Finals week!

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