the moon over starbucks…

Nine o’clock at night, and I wanted coffee. And not just a homemade cuppa, I needed to go get some Starbucks coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cup of flavored coffee, brewed at home, but sometimes you just need to visit a coffee shop. But don’t worry, caffeine doesn’t affect me, so I don’t have any trouble sleeping, no matter what time I drink it.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I was surprised to find a full moon in the sky, with a smattering of clouds around it, lit up in an amazingly beautiful way. It looked like an even larger moon than usual, too, so I wished my camera could have captured it. But I know how something about the moon plays tricks on our eyes, and it will look much smaller on camera.

But without being superstitious about full moons, I should’ve known something could go wrong. I walked in the front door, went to look at the desserts, even though I didn’t plan to get any… and I heard a familiar accented voice, ordering coffee. I’ll admit it, I cringed. And then held very still, figuring that if I didn’t make any sudden moves, he wouldn’t see me.

Maybe you’ve heard me mention a certain teacher that we refer to as our “favorite”, with heavy emphasis on the sarcasm. He’s a strange bird, to say the least. Unfortunately, I seem to be his favorite, so I get to hear all the strangely flirtatious comments made in my direction.

That day had been particularly awkward, though it was slightly alleviated when my co-worker came and told me our visitor had run into the door, when he left. He forgot his glasses, I guess. It made me feel better, laughing over that. No matter… I didn’t want to see him again, and ruin my evening.

So, I froze, pretending I was invisible. It always worked when we were kids, or at least, we thought it did. My brothers still practice it, occasionally, too. If you make no sudden moves, you’ll go unnoticed. But while I was doing this, I suddenly had the urge to laugh hysterically, just because of what I was doing. Very silly and childish, but boy, was it funny. It even got worse, when I thought of how my friends would laugh, if they saw me, and knew what I was up to. It’s my normal reaction, when in an uncomfortable social situation.  : )

Thankfully, while wearing my hoodie, track pants, and sneakers, I must look very different than when I’m at work, so I went unnoticed. After making my order, I knew I was deliberately hiding (like I sometimes do, at work), by going over to the shelves of coffee and mugs, pretending to peruse the merchandise. They called my name, I hurried down to get my order, not looking at anyone, and scrambled out of the building.

I’m sure there’s a lesson there somewhere… but I know it’s not about avoiding coffee. Maybe crazy professors only surface when there’s a full moon? I’ll figure it out, eventually. But I got my coffee, and survived. That’s all that matters.

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