i don’t understand…

Can someone please explain this to me? I think it has something to do with the WordPress viewer on blogging categories. But what do you mean I have 16 likes on my post, and only 10 views? According to my stats, I’ve only had 6 visitors. How in the blazes do you “like” something that you haven’t viewed?


I am obviously frustrated over this issue.  : )

Now, I’ve gone back to the Topics page and scrolled through 11 hours of Photo posts, looking for mine. I have finally determined that people are seeing the title of my post, and whatever cover photo it includes… and “liking” that. No further? Nothing else? Why would you look through a list of blog posts and not go look at the blog itself?

When I finally found my post, I had only one photo on it as a cover photo. So, if this is how they “like” my post, without viewing it, then all they like is my title and the lone picture of an azalea. Flattering, I’m sure. And that was a photo that was put in at the last second, just for the featured cover image! It’s not even in the post itself!

Does anyone else find this frustrating? I love to know that people are reading my blog and enjoying both the writing and the pictures, but I want to see the numbers on my stats page. I want to know who’s looking and from where, and whether any other blog posts catch their interest. Of course, I have my blog set up so they can view everything, if they’re patient enough, from the home page. And that’s fine, but instead it’s, “Compliments to the chef for your blog title, but I’ll just punch “like” and keep going.”.


Startled, bewildered, and confused… but still willing to try and understand. : )

Anyway, if I’m incorrect in my hypothesis of why this phenomenon can occur, please explain it to me. I would love to know more. But until then, thank you for all the love my cover photo has received, but please come by and look at the rest of the post. The other pics are even better than that one!

7 thoughts on “i don’t understand…

  1. I actually posted something VERY similar to this a couple days ago because I was so confused as to what was happening. What was explained to me is that most people that hit the ‘like’ button are advertisers. They will just go though and like a bunch of posts so that you will go look at theirs to see what they are selling. VERY annoying!

  2. I think some people try to be encouraging of new bloggers and I also think that when it comes to posts listed under photos or quotes you can see most of what is to see in the reader.
    Cheers to your post and photo.

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