festival meanderings…

During the International Festival at Clemson, there were several breaks between dances, and during one of those, I almost went home. I talked myself out of it, though, and wandered into the Carillon Garden to look at some of the trees and views.DSC_0150

DSC_0151I’ve had my eye on several of those pink flowered trees, trying to find one that’s closer to my eye level, but even this one wasn’t quite there. However, the highlighting of the pink flowers against the blue sky is beautiful. I did not adjust the color at all on these photos of the pink ones, though I made minor adjustments to several of the others.DSC_0153

DSC_0155DSC_0157Looking downhill towards the Cooper Library, I found that they had turned the fountains on in the reflection pond. That’s a nice touch, from a distance and close up. I suspect that with the water moving, you can’t see some of the “issues” with that body of water. But the view’s lovely.DSC_0159

DSC_0160DSC_0161I finally found some cherry trees, and immediately recognized them, mainly from the tree trunks. They do look a lot like the popcorn trees at Hunter, but they really aren’t the same at all. For one, they smell nice, and their silvery grey branches and trunks are quite a contrast to the rough, old bark on the big trees by Hunter.DSC_0162

DSC_0164After taking some notice of other budding trees, I went back for another round of cultural dances. And then went looking for a bathroom. After touring the inside of Tillman Hall, I came back out on to the Military Heritage Plaza, and made a discovery that I hadn’t made when I visited there last.DSC_0206

DSC_0207If you look at the walls of the upper landing, you can see the names of many of the wars that our military men have fought in, over the years. Somehow, I overlooked these, when I was there last. And in the brilliant sunshine, they’re a little difficult to see, so I tried to punch up the shadows in the photos. “Our Clemson boys” have fought in Vietnam, both World Wars, the Spanish-American War, Korea, and the Persian Gulf War, at the time this plaza was built. Let’s not forget their sacrifices.DSC_0208

DSC_0209DSC_0210When I actually did leave the festival, at last, I stopped to look at the flower display in front of Tillman, and had trouble getting the camera exactly level, but I tried. I can use Picasa to adjust them, but it makes the picture blurry. I’m working on taking these level or making them artistically crooked, but don’t quite make it every time.DSC_0213

DSC_0216And since I had trouble finding any parking behind Sikes Hall, I had gone back to the lot behind Hunter, where I park before work. So, naturally, I made a stop at my favorite dogwood trees, on the way by.DSC_0222DSC_0224

3 thoughts on “festival meanderings…

  1. I live in a town VERY close to Clemson and recognized the library instantly and got really excited! The joys of blogging, finding people with similar lives!

    • Yes, I saw you were in Anderson. We go there all the time for exciting things like Target and Sam’s. 🙂 The blogger world is definitely an interesting world. And thanks for the compliments on the photos! I do enjoy taking them. And thanks for clearing up a few things on the “likes”. 🙂

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