light experiments in the hunter arvo…

After my morning at Hunter, playing around with my camera, I spent my workday watching the clouds in the sky. The forecast was for partly cloudy skies, and I was really interested to see if I could take some more flower pictures in the afternoon sun. DSC_0824

DSC_0830DSC_0831Quickly, it looked like I wouldn’t take any more pictures at all, with rain seeming to be on the way. But then, the worst of the clouds cleared off, and when I left work, only a “thin” layer of white clouds was visible. Of course, that layer was enough to dim the afternoon light, but I still needed my sunglasses when I was looking directly up at the sky.DSC_0832

DSC_0834DSC_0835Knowing which way was east, I knew that the sun would be hiding a little more behind Hunter, by then, but I still wanted to see the different effect on the trees and flowers. But the white clouds for a backdrop, bright as they were, could not highlight the white flowers as well as blue, morning skies. They just blended together.DSC_0836

DSC_0837DSC_0838Reviewing my pictures, later, I found that where, in the morning, I could clearly see the pink details in the center of each flower, the cloudy afternoon light just made the flowers look freckled. So, I’ve taken the liberty of trying out a bunch of different effects, in order to show them off. It makes for some nice pictures, but not as detailed as the early ones.DSC_0839

DSC_0843DSC_0844The dogwood flowers, however, were a little easier to photograph, because the color of the flowers didn’t reflect as much of the sun as the white petals did. And since I had to stand facing east in order to get a good angle on the dogwood blooms, the afternoon light was more conducive to seeing these. DSC_0848

DSC_0849DSC_0853Stopping at the tree near the parking lot, I took another look at it. It looks so smooth, from a distance, but closer up, the branches are quite rough, almost resembling old bones or something. You’d never believe it was the same tree, once you’re right up examining the branches at close range.DSC_0854DSC_0855DSC_0856

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