the puddle & the heron…

My friends have a puddle in their yard. Really, that isn’t a pond. I think it’s about knee deep, in the middle. But until they dig their pond elsewhere, the rain fills up some of this low-lying ground. But at least the birds like it. DSC_0676

A heron or two are regular visitors. If you look closely, I think the blue one is visible, next to the swing. But as wonderful as my camera is, the zoom does not compensate for the distance. I was able to get within a few yards of the water, but no closer, before the heron flew off.DSC_0678

DSC_0680And so, I employed the magic of Picasa to crop the photos and play with the coloring. The water was so mirror-like, the reflections were quite beautiful. Maybe someday I’ll get a zoom lens that will do a much better job.DSC_0681

DSC_0685Even in a puddle, you can find beauty, if you’re looking for it. DSC_0686

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