the daffodils drowned…

When I returned from church, I could almost take pity on the poor flowers that took a beating last night. I heard it raining, but I don’t think I realized it was coming down hard until the thunderstorm woke me at 4am. That sent me hurrying downstairs to turn my computer off, just to be safe. But the daffodils had nowhere to hide. Between the early warm weather, more cold weather (and frost), and then a complete downpour, I think a few of them gave up the ghost for the year. Thankfully, there are still more that haven’t bloomed, so they’ll probably emerge for Easter weekend.

As I sit here drinking my combination of vanilla nut creme and crème brûlée coffee, I have a number of things rolling around in my head. First off, how many blog posts I need to be working on, as I just arrived back from a day in Charleston, and I took a LOT of pictures. They can’t be put all into one post, though, or you and I both will be completely overwhelmed. So, taking a hint from my “building fascination” series, and how that seemed to work, I’ll be posting a series on downtown Charleston, starting in the next few days.

While I contemplate going through my pictures, editing some more, and writing about Rainbow Row and King Street, I’m hoping that I don’t come down with anything. We arrived back from our trip to find three members of the household with varying levels of colds… and we rarely get sick, in our family. I’ve upped my echinacea intake, and I’m still trying to remember where my Vitamin C went. With Spring Break over, and starting back to work tomorrow, I don’t want to be sick. Well, I never want to be sick, but especially not if it prevents me from getting paid.

Everyone knows how much “fun” it is to get back into the swing of things, after a week of vacation, so this week will probably be both interesting and frustrating… and that’s not even considering what the students will be acting like. For the grad students that stayed in town, it will mean they don’t have to go so far to get coffee… or maybe they’ll get better coffee, with the cafe open again. For the students that went to party all week in Panama City, I’m guessing they’ll be sunburnt, grumpy, and exhausted from their week of “vacation”.

Furniture and other things in the house are shifting, as my newly “jobbed” brother prepares to leave for New Hampshire, where we hope to visit in order to either ski during the winter or hike Mt. Washington in the summer. Oh, and see him, too. Now, if I could just afford the gas (or the plane tickets), I have all sorts of neat places to visit, because my brothers are living and working there (one’s in Florida, one’s in England)!

And now, I have some more photos to look through. Later!

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