a penny if you need it…

This post was not my idea. Ok, their idea wasn’t to have me blog about it, but since their suggestion was made to a blogger (albeit, they didn’t know that), that’s where the ideas usually end up. So, if you find this dull or uninteresting, that’s ok. It’s their fault.  : )   I just thought I would give it a try, anyway.   DSC_0254

I keep remembering two college girls coming into my cafe and noticing the change “jar” on my register. They thought it was so cute and clever (or something like that) and that I should put it on Pinterest. I don’t think it’s cute, clever, or even pretty (like many things on Pinterest), but I did make it by myself.DSC_0275

Now, some of you have already heard my ins and outs with pinning things, and some of the people on Pinterest are oh-so-much-more-creative than I could ever be. But if I need something done, or something needs to be made, then I just set myself to figure it out. It’s like solving a logic problem, you just have to put some thought into it, to come up with the perfect solution. And so it goes with my change container.DSC_0256

DSC_0257You’ve all seen them, when you go into a store, and walk up to the cash register. You’re short about two cents on your purchase, and they have a little dish of coins to help you out. Some other time, if you have a pocket full of change to get rid of, you can donate some, too. My fellow cashier had one made from a plastic container, and I was getting tired of having a pile of pennies just sitting on my register, making it look more cluttered than usual. So, I made one out of soup lids.DSC_0258

It began as just a soup lid, but once the coins were in it, you couldn’t read what was written on the bottom. Each lid has two layers of thick paper, so I removed the second layer of one, cut it up, and taped it to the back of the first, to create a “wall”. Using the rest of that lid, I cut it in half and wrote “take a penny, leave a penny”. We have good friends that own a store, and their fancy clay dish has a label like that next to it. The black half circle I colored in was my attempt at making it more aesthetic, just using a sharpie, but I also wanted another line for the words to parallel. That probably makes sense to no one but me.DSC_0261

Occasionally, someone who really doesn’t like change will leave quarters behind. I will “break” them into pennies, if I’m running short, but mostly we just save them for that one student who comes in $2 short of what they need. We will dig through our change jars, looking for all the silver change, just so they don’t have to walk all the way back to their car, and because we don’t want them going hungry for lack of a dollar or two. DSC_0263

DSC_0265But certain people know that we keep quarters up there, and will sometimes raid our stash… so we hide the bigger change. I wanted a safer place to put mine, but wanted it to be readily accessible, so I went and got another soup lid. DSC_0266

DSC_0268Cutting a gap in the back of the lid allows a space for quarters to be inserted, when it’s under the rest of my change container. The slot also allows the top lid to actually fit into the bottom one, without getting stuck. And the tape tab that I put on there is so I can pull the two of them apart more easily. DSC_0267

DSC_0270There you have it, my very exciting change “jar”. For a while there, it had several guitar picks in it, too, but I covered that in another post, when I donated them to a Clemson student guitarist. It’s neither pretty nor very clean, anymore, but it does what I need it to, and all undergrads, grad students, and professors make use of it, when they need to. DSC_0271

Of course, certain grad students make regular donations, so that they don’t have to carry around the 6 cents needed for their refill coffee mugs. We rag them about this, unmercifully, but it seems to work out for everyone involved. DSC_0274

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